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Personal Demons by Jay Lygon
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Jul 28, 09

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The last book in Jay Lygon's series brings a lot of angst and conflict for Sam and Hector. They've been together for a while now and things seem to be going good but as Sam's career takes off his relationship with Hector begins to suffer. Although Sam has matured a lot since he and Hector got together, he is still quite willful and sometimes has trouble submitting to his Master. While this behavior usually gets Sam the punishment he wants it also creates a lot of conflict between him and Hector.

Hector is still having problems dealing with his jealousy and that leads him to break Sam's hard limit of no public humiliation.While Sam is deeply upset when it first happens they manage to get over it, at least for a while. Adding to Sam's problems is Alberto, the new God of Fame. Having met at the Venice film festival, Alberto has now insinuated himself into Sam's life, in an almost stalker-like fashion. He's determined to make Sam famous despite Sam repeatedly telling him that's not what he wants.

Ultimately Alberto's actions bring Sam to the attention of movie star Harris Smith who is gay but in the closet for the sake of his career. When he is outed Sam suddenly finds himself forced to play the role of Harris' "date" due to pressure from his boss. Although Hector appears to be ok with Sam and Harris' date he most definitely is not, and in a drunken jealous fit he very publicly humiliates Sam again. This time Sam can't ignore having his hard limit broken and decides he must leave Hector.

At first Hector refuses to believe that Sam isn't coming back but once he does he must face up to his actions. It's going to take a lot of work on his part and help from his therapist for Hector to face up to his personal demons and to recognize that he must get over his jealousy if he is ever going to have a chance with Sam again. Both Hector and Sam go through a lot of pain and suffering through this period of time but ultimately they are able to resolve their problems and end up with the happily ever after ending they both need and want.

I really enjoyed this book very much. It was nice to see some of the Gods and Goddesses from the previous books as well as Hector and Sam's friends. The addition of Alberto and Harris Smith was well written and they flowed well with the others. As with the other books, Ms Lygon's writing is superb, I really like how descriptive her writing is. Ultimately Sam and Hector get their happy ending and I, and I'm sure other readers as well, are left with the feeling of having read a very enjoyable and well written book. Two thumbs up on the entire series, Chaos Magic, Love Runes and Personal Demons!!

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