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Small Steps by Louis Sachar
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Jul 28, 2009

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I loved Holes and this book was a kind of sequal, following Armpit and X-ray. It was a good story. I read it because my son checked it out and I was interested and he was reading something else first. And I'm glad I read it before him because now he's not going to. At least not for a few (hm, maybe 8) years. One of the hard things with having an advanced reader is finding subject matter that is appropriate. (I'll take suggestions, he doesn't usually like mine) which is why I was okay with this book, thinking it would be similar to Holes, which he also loved. But 7/8 year olds should not be reading about the things in this book. I really liked the message of taking small steps. I was okay with how it all turned out in the end. But there was some lawbreaking that went unpunished, some friendships that were taken advantage of and watch out, here's a spoiler, a teenage rockstar who is attacked and beaten by her step-dad/manager with a baseball bat and a body guard that gets stabbed when he tried to protect her. Also, an affair and embezzlement by said step-dad and the tour manager. See, so I can't rate it higher and I can't let my kid read it until he is old enough to understand all that.

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Meighan All good points, but I don't think rating it on how well it fits an 8 year old is fair when it was written for older children.

Lisa Meighan, I didn't rate it on how well it fits an 8 year old. I rated it on how well I liked it. In fact, when I go to rate books I look at the words that pop up when I hover over the stars and 3 stars means "I liked it." I didn't "really like it" and it wasn't "amazing." If I were rating for an 8 year old, it would have been lower. : )

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