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Rune, Episode I by J.H. Glaze
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Aug 12, 2013

it was amazing
Read on June 27, 2013

Author JH Glaze has branched out into the YA genre… still staying true to his roots as the king of horror/thriller. He has created a tale that takes us as the reader to the heights of suspense, a dark and chilling story that draws you into depths of the world that surrounds Jacob (Jake) Rowan (Rune)

Rune Episode 1: Awareness follows Jake struggling to grasp the “Awareness”, the purpose of what his life and role is/of craziness that now surrounds what used to be his normal life - now turned inside out.

~ ~ “ Destiny is like a creature of the night. It comes when you least expect it and is usually uninvited.” ~ ~ JH Glaze

It’s Jake Rowan’s 18th birthday just a about an hour away when his boss walks up to him to hand him a birthday card, from him and his fellow co-workers. (I actually thought the card sounded great the way it was described) this part makes me wonder why “”this particular card was chosen by his boss. Running later than normal and to close to the time his Grandmother who has raised him wanted home by, she was anxious that he be home before midnight. Jake knew he wasn’t going to make it. Why was his Grandmother so worried?

On his way home things just seem different, so very different. Hearing the church bells chiming in the distant he started to pick up his pace more, by the 10th chime he began to feel a burning in his feet and by the 12th chime the burning was unbearable now affecting his hands, also working up his back to his neck…. Rah oh this can’t be good!!

No help in sight, say be it for a large black dog who he sees as he tries to get to a bench, was he seeing things? I wonder why it would be a dog? I find out, but you guessed it, I’m not going to tell ya!
I’ve always said that dogs can communicate, have you? Now why am I telling you this you may ask? Ask away, but I’m not saying why….

Things be a “changing”, with Jake.

Did you sometimes think that your Grandma was say a bit quirky? Well I did!

I’ve rambled on enough, but before I stop I need to tell you one thing. I’ve been trying to memorize things most life but there has always been just one thing I never could. It’s said to from “ancient” times like from the ruins…. Wait or was that “rune”? so I’m going to write it down and practice it, repeating over and over again until I get it right. Maybe you can figure out what it says, it goes like this:

Loremi ispom dolor sitat amet
Ut enim ad minum lo veniam

*slaps forehead* evil memory.

Author JH Glaze has such a brilliant way with words that your drawn into the web cast by him. Creating such a realistic world that we can get lost in, and you DO.
Rune Episode I: Awareness is a gripping tale full of evil enemies where two unlikely join forces where one helps the other fight the evil that threatens to literally tear people apart.

Very unpredictable and most riveting YA paranormal that is enmeshed in a web of gore and creepy demons, of the weirdest kind.

Another crowning achievement in this treasure trove filled with the unknown, adventure, evil and it is done with astounding detail as Rune Episode I: Awareness plays out as what’s to come.

Prepare to loose sleep if you start this late, although it’s only about 63 pages because you won’t want to put it down as you journey through this horror/thriller with an end that you’re going to say “NO, you can‘t end/stop there”!!!

Put me down as an enthusiastic JH Glaze fan for this YA Paranormal series, it’s going to be a GOOD one. He’s just pure genius.


Recommend: YA and up
Rating: 5/5 angel stars
Angel Anne Reviews
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