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Cruise Confidential by Brian David Bruns
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Jan 18, 2010

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Read in August, 2009

A very interesting book. I work in the cruise industry(on land), and take a lot of cruises, so the book was very interesting. Plus, I could picture exactly on the ship he was talking about since I have been on very similar ships. Two criticisms, however:

1. The author seems to continually mention how many hours he worked and the punishment he took. After awhile it just wasn't convincing-in the end he said he worked many 15 hours a day-yet also said he only slept a few hours a night. While 15 hours is indeed a long day, if he slept the rest that is 9 hours of sleep(without taking time for meals, etc). The long hours, hard work, punishment, etc. lost it's shock value after a while.

2. The author didn't mention weather he would do it again-he also didn't say if he why he did a second contract(on his second ship-the Legend). His original goal was to be close to his girlfriend, but even this didn't work out when they we're on the same ship. Why he did a second contract when he could have worked on land and earned a lot more money is unanswered(if working there was horrible I would think that is what he would do).

That said, I learned about the long hours and conditions forgiegners work on in the ship-plus what they think of Americans, they we overeat and are un-educated in liberal arts(i.e. Shakesphere). I also learned about the atmosphere where gratutitous sex and drinking is almost a necessisty to survive.
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message 1: by Patti (new)

Patti Let me know what you think, David, this sounds like an interesting book. Did you read the Malcolm Gladwell books ?

David the book was ok-I will write a full review.

Haven't read any Malcolm Gladwell books yet-although I have Blink here at home.

message 3: by Patti (new)

Patti Oh, David...READ BLINK!!!!! It restored my confidence in myself!!

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