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Coraline by Neil Gaiman
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Jul 24, 2009

really liked it
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Read from January 13 to 16, 2011

This was a really quick creepy read!

I do have 2 picky points, as I always have, but other than these, I really enjoyed this book!

Picky point #1: If I had to put my finger on something about Neil Gaiman's writing style that bugs me, it would be that I never feel like I truly understand the main characters. He could, with his narration, give more of an insight into how they're feeling, why they're acting and reacting the way they are, but, for the most part, he chooses not too. And I am the type of reader that that choice kind of bugs me a bit.

Picky point #2: As I was reading this, knowing that it's a children's book, I was trying to think at what age I would have liked it best, and it kind of stumped me. It's too frightening for when I was a young child, and it's a little too simplistic for an older child, heading into their teen years. I don't know. I'm not sure what age would be right for this.

Again, two picky points aside, I can honestly say I really enjoyed reading this book!

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Alisa Kester Yay!

Bonnie It's really good so far!

Alisa Kester I'm glad you said what the picky points were, because of course I wanted to know! :D Gaiman's "children's" books are always hard to classify age-wise. But according to Gaiman himself, young kids haven't been frightened by Coraline. He says kids (of around 6-8 years) read it as an "adventure" and it doesn't scare them. Adults, he says, are the ones who get nightmares from it. Personally, I see it as being so similar in style to CS Lewis' children's books, that I would say the perfect age to read it is whatever age you are now. They are just wise books!

Bonnie I would love to hear what he has to say about this story, because he made some really interesting choices, as a writer. Like the button eyes, and mice vs. rats. For the plot as a whole, at first I thought, 'oh, these are the parents that she thinks she wants, but she'll discover she really wants the parents that she has' but then they started melting away, and turning spiderish, and wanting to feed on her! What I found really creepy, was the false ending. She gets back home, and you think it's over, but then the hand is still coming after her, wanting the key! That really creeped me out!

Alisa Kester If you have nightmares, you'll know you are officially an adult! Check this out, it's a long question and answer with Neil about Coraline:

Bonnie I just read it. He's really nice! :)

Alisa Kester He's really is. He's just a genuinely wonderful person.

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