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Greetings from Somewhere Else by Monica McInerney
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Jul 25, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2009

** spoiler alert ** There are some books that are easy to figure out, particularly in anything that might be considered chick-lit. Greetings From Somewhere Else could have easily been one of those books. Girl breaks boy's heart, leaves the country, finds new boy, and wacky hijinks ensue along the way.

The back of the book tells you as much. Thing is? The back of the book is a bit of a tease.

Lainey is very much a bossy, control freak. When she has to leave Australia for a year in Ireland, she decides that it would be for the best if she broke up with her boyfriend Adam. She's sure he'll understand since it's not like they were all that serious anyway.

I mean, he only helped nurse her back to health right after they met, kept her as sane as Lainey ever seems to be when her father suffered an accident at work that left him in horrible pain [as well as turning him into a horrible pain:], and lived in the same building. Sure. A completely casual relationship.

Adam, naturally, saw things differently.

The second best thing about Greetings is that you get a love story in reverse. You know pretty much the second the other guy appears that he's not really a threat to Adam/Lainey. No, the threat to that relationship was always Lainey herself. Instead, you find out all the things Lainey loved about Adam as she remembers them while she's in Ireland. All the things she couldn't really see for what they were at the time, she realizes were far more important than she gave them credit for.
Plus a guy who understands that a girl misses her cat while she's thousands of miles away? Yeah, what's not to love about that?

The best thing about Greetings is that even when you know [or at least hope really strongly:] where the book is going, you still feel something when it gets there. A couple of plot points twist in ways you expect, others don't, but leave you laughing all the same.

I spend a lot of time disliking the main characters in books for various reasons. I honestly liked Lainey, even when she was at her most clueless, and about halfway through the book I wished it would suddenly become longer because I wasn't ready for it to end.

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