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The Plain Janes by Cecil Castellucci
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Jul 23, 2009

it was amazing

Jane’s parents freaked after a terrorist attack and moved from Metro City to the suburbs, and so did Jane. But what’s in the suburbs for Jane? She is not a suburban girl. At her new school, the popular girls invite her over . . . should she go sit with them?

When the terrorist attack happened, Jane saved a man’s journal. He was really hurt, and he is in the hospital now, and Jane visits him. He didn’t have a wallet, so they call him John Doe. But for Jane, his journal keeps him alive, and the journal is filled with art. Now that they moved, she’ll write him. Will he wake up?

When she sits down at another table (blowing off the popular girls), an amazing thing happens, she finds out that all the girls are geeky cool in their own way. There’s something to that statement: power in numbers because this pack of Janes’ new friends get their heads together, and P.L.A.I.N. is born. People Loving Art in Neighborhoods. So maybe they have to sneak around at night to do it, but decorating fire hydrants with knitted caps is so much fun and doesn’t do any harm.

Jane has a lot of feelings and doesn’t want to stuff them down, she wants to let go and share the small beauty she sees in things now. Little things like dandelions and bubbles. So what’s wrong with that? Jane made a choice; she did not choose the popular crowd. She found her own friends, and they began an art tribe glamorizing their town with gorgeous works of wonderment like putting bubbles in the big fountain and message bottles in the tree. Who doesn’t love bubbles and message bottles?

Well, maybe the fuzz, but what do they know! (The Loft- Mercedes)

Look at this “art” someone did lately in Portland, OR!

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