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Vibes by Amy Kathleen Ryan
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Jul 23, 2009

it was amazing

Kristi rules the pages of “Vibes” like she rules over her faithful follower, Jacob Flax, without giving it a thought. But the funny thing is, Kristi can read minds. Sometimes, like when Jacob is picturing her in a bikini, she wishes her mind-reading abilities would stop. But what would happen if they did? She might have to let people have their own thoughts and opinions, and this could potentially suck in many ways.

Kristi goes to a totally nutty school called Journeys. Journeys exposes children and teens to open pathways for life experiences or in other words, takes anything a normal school does and doesn’t do it. They spend time in the “contemplation room” and have assignments like the “character education” assignment she’s working on with Gusty. Talk about weird. Gusty the Greek God, Gusty the hot skater boy, Gusty her ex-bestfriend Hildie’s brother, yeah that Gusty and Kristi shared a moment behind the shed in Hildie’s yard a few years ago. Kristi still sweats thinking about it. Her not-so-secret crush on Gusty makes working with him on the “character education” assignment, well, interesting. . . Not that Gusty would ever date Kristi. She does after all make her own clothes from stuff she finds dumpster diving and eats tons of pizza that goes straight to her butt. Gusty dates girls like Eva, Hildie’s evil stick-thin best friend. Whatever.

Two years ago, Kristi’s dad journeyed to Africa to find himself after being sued and getting depressed about his life leaving Kristi and her mom with a hole that is hard to fill. Kristi has a secret cat, Minnie that serves a dual purpose of giving her oh-so-much love and anonymously triggering her overworked mom’s allergies. All of a sudden, Kristi’s dad is coming back, and this is major. I mean, he just up and left. Is he back to stay or what? Kristi is really going to make him sweat it out; she knows that much.

Kristi’s sassy outfits, mind-reading abilities, crap dad, crazy crush, and weirdo school will keep you interested from beginning to end. “Vibes” is so cute inside and out that it would make a cool purse or very hot locker accessory, if it wasn’t such an awesome new book.

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