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Julie and Julia by Julie Powell
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Jul 23, 2009

it was ok
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Read in August, 2009

I really really liked the premise for this book.

I grew up watching Julia Child on weekends, until my Dad showed me that one SNL clip of her and I thought it was real. I didn't want to risk anymore accidental bloodbaths by watching her show.

Anyway. Love Julia Child, DISLIKED this book. The narrator is whiny, and self-deprecating in a way that I can only assume she thinks is refreshing and funny, but comes off as sad, unholy, step-cousin of Bridget Jones. Her constant exaultation of liberals, and hatred of all Republicans is a good example of her pseudo-intellectual tone throughout the book. I was offended and belong to neither party. Her tone was self-absorbed, and she pulled that thing in the beginning of the book that was like "this is the true story of my project. Except for the parts that aren't true, and those are fiction!" Look, lady, you weren't in freaking 'Nam, there is no reason to pull the meta-fiction card.

I disliked how she treated her husband. He had stood by her since high school, encouraged her project, did the dishes, sat through her meltdowns, and she only talked about wanting to sleep with other people, and envying her friends single lives, and wanting to hit his head against the wall. I mean, I have a husband who has stood by me, encourages my projects, does the dishes, and sits through my meltdowns, but it only makes me like him more, and want to try harder. She totally took everything out on him, and flirted with other people while she was at it.

At the end of the book she finds out that the real Julia Child HATES her blog, and Julie is totally upset until she reconciles it in her mind by telling herself that "her Julia" loves and encourages her, and is in fact the real Julia, and that everyone can create their own Julia in their head. To which I say, BS- Julia Child doesn't like it, end of story. Don't try to manipulate the situation and force your readers in to believing otherwise.
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message 1: by Bonnie (last edited Aug 26, 2009 07:01PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Bonnie It sounds like I'll have the same problem with this that I had with Eat, Pray, Love, where I ended up hating the writer/narrator because she were so dislikeable. Did you know the author had an affair after publishing this book? The internet told me when I was looking for info on the movie. I want to see the movie, because I love Amy Adams. And the book has such a pretty cover, I'll probably end up reading it at some time...or at least listen to the audio version. But I have been warned by your review.

message 2: by Joenna (new)

Joenna I love this review...freaking hilarious!

message 3: by carissa (new)

carissa have such a way with words! LOL

message 4: by Mandy (new)

Mandy I canceled my reserve after reading this review. I hated her other book Cleaving. Meat is gross.

message 5: by Rachelhindle (new)

Rachelhindle I liked the cover but wont read it as so many people have panned it!

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