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Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman
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Jul 22, 09

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The author had a creative idea, but that's about where the book begins and ends. I finally was able to pin down the problem somewhere around 450 when characters started dieing and instead of being upset I flat out didn't care. The characters are translucent and flat. Each character has one defining feature, one motive and one thing that separates them from one another. In a book where the author makes a point of emphasising over and over again how chaotic the human brain truly is, her characters are incredibly simple. Simple to the point where they don't feel real, which completely destroys any buy in you have for a book. I gave the book 3 stars, for 1 reason. It is original, something you rarely find in fantasy novels anymore. But the book is also painfully hard to read, and not in the good way either. Its slow and drags on forever. Friedman could have easily cut 200 pages from the book, or at least taken 200 pages out and used them to develop her characters better. In short, Friedman spends so much time creating a new idea that she forgets to develop her characters, and the result is that you have a great idea in a book that is not enjoyable to read, which is truly a shame.
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