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99 Coffins by David Wellington
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Dec 09, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: supernatural-horror
Read from November 21 to 23, 2010

I didn't realize that there was a book before this, but I read it anyway. I thought it was a great book about vampires. It was definitely was different then the other vampire books I've read. The vampires in this book were not glamorized in any way. No love story, no werewolves, no getting stronger the older the vampire, etc. In this book, the vampires become weaker the older they get. They need more blood in order to function. They also have rows of fangs, not just the incisors. Anyway this story picks up after Lauren and Ackley have defeated 3 other vampires and the after effect it had on their lives. Meanwhile in Gettysburg a discovery of 100 coffins are discovered at a dig. Ackely calls on Lauren to check it out, but after the last time they worked together a lot of people died. FYI Ackely is former FBI but was forced to retire because he almost died from the last encounter with vampires. Lauren works for the state police and wants nothing to do with him, but was talked into driving him down to the scene to check things out. When she discovered the coffins and the bodies of 99 vampire skeletons with their hearts missing except for 1 coffin missing it's body, she's sucked into the case. I like the fact that it goes back and forth from present time to the civil war bringing together the story of the creation of these 100 vampires to what is going on in the present. Kind of like a history lesson with a supernatural twist.
I'm definitely going to read the book before this one - 13 Bullets. It's a nice change from the other Vampire stories I've read.

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