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Liar by Justine Larbalestier
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Jul 20, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2009

First off, after reading the book, the cover bothers the crap out of me. That girl looks nothing like Micah, not her hair or her skin color.

With most unreliable narrators, the reader slowly picks up on the fact that the narrator is unreliable based on small clues the narrator has dropped throughout the story. Here, Micah comes straight and tells you that she is a liar, that she lies about everything. Except the story she is about to tell you. This is going to be her grand entrance into the world of telling the truth and nothing but the truth. You want to believe her, but you soon realize that that's impossible. And once the first little lies come out, you begin to question everything she's ever said to you. How much of her story is believable? All of it? Parts of it? None of it?

This book stays with you long after you read it, as you try to parcel out the fact from the fiction. And the fact that you will never know what Micah was telling the truth about and what she wasn't. So you leave with Micah having a power over you because she knows what really happened and you are only left guessing, and doubting, and trusting, and feeling confused and used.

Well done, Larbalestier, well done.

Update: I was not alone in my hatred of the cover. So many people, including the author, complained about the cover that Bloomsbury agreed to change the cover. The new cover much more accurately depicts what Micah looks like.
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Hannah This completely describes what I wanted to say in my own review!

Bookphilia What if she lied about what she looks like? lol

Brynn Lautenbacher I think it is good that she admits she is a liar, but I hated that about the book. It was impossible to trust her. Everything I read I second guessed. Every time I tried to believe her, I would later find out that she was lying. This made the book really hard to read. I was always worried that what she said was a lie. In my eyes, I pictured a story completely different from the one Micah told because I thought everything she said was a lie. I think that her lying ruined the book. (Mainly because it was such a huge part)

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