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L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad
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Jul 20, 2009

it was ok
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Read in July, 2009

This book is not as horrible as I expected, but not as good as I wished for it to be. It was only mildly entertaining. I haven't read very many other chick-lit type young adult novels, so I'm not sure how this compares. There are a couple things that annoyed me, which I realize may all be due to the fact that I'm an old codger.

The language contains a fair amount of "texting"-speak: e.g. BFF, OMG, WTF, etc. I realize that there are young adults out there that communicate like this, but is it necessary for the story? I'm not sure. I personally found it distracting.

Here is a sample sentence:
In high school, before Caleb, Jane had fallen for more than a few boys with "complications"... aka boys with ex-girlfriends who refused to stay ex-girlfriends (like Rob, who kept getting wasted at parties and hooking up with his ex, Brittany, or Danny, who insisted on being BFFs with his ex, Rachel, who openly hated jane and trash-talked her to Danny at every opportunity) or guys who were otherwise not prime boyfriend material.

Which brings me to my next annoyance: every other sentence is in parentheses. Why not just tell the story? Why does half of it need to be parenthetical?

It seems as though many people are quick to assume that she had a ghostwriter write this book. To me, the writing and plotline are average enough that I am willing to believe she wrote it herself. But perhaps that was the goal of the ghostwriter. I don't think it actually matters, because the publishing company won. I spent 17.99 on this book since no libraries within two counties carried it.
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