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Buyology by Martin Lindstrom
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Jul 18, 2009

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Wasn't what I expected. There were some interesting things, so it was worth reading--and it's short and written on the level of the average joe so it doesn't take long to read. I had a hard time getting past Lindstrom's self-promotion. He's important and he made that point better than most of his other points. I'm not sure this "emerging technology" merits an actual book about it. His "evidence" was all based on a few tests, quotations from some very unofficial sources (I think he actually quotes some opinion writer from a newspaper) and his own conclusions. So... there are a few really interesting things that I gleaned from the book, but as to "Truth and Lies About Why We Buy and the New Science of Desire"? Not so much. This title promises so much more than Lindstrom delivers.

One more note: I can see that this "New Science" that he talks about smacks of Orwellian-type invasiveness, and might perhaps be alarming to some. But it seems to me that all research into what we "really" want would just lead to better products, stuff that would suit our needs much better. Perhaps there would be less waste too since fewer useless/unpopular products will be made. I'm not concerned about being forced or tricked into buying. Ultimately, we are all individually responsible for pulling out that card or that wad of cash--no one forces us into it. I'm willing to take the responsibility for my own purchases. I think too many Americans have given up their sense of personal power and have embraced the culture of powerlessness. Everyone is "entitled" to health care, housing, education, safely, etc. What happened to just going out and working for these things yourself? We're no longer a nation of trailblazers, now we stand on the high ground and whimper if our feet get wet. Okay. Rant over.


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