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Stolen by Kelley Armstrong
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Jul 17, 2009

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This is the seventh girl-werewolf book I've read in the last seven days. I swear I didn't plan this, I just have no sense of self-preservation when it comes to books. I think I'll need werewolf detox after this, although I'm not sure what would do it. Someone's autobiographical account of the summer they spent in Ireland, learning to love the peace and quiet.

Here's what I love about Elena; she's an unreliable narrator, and a sociopath. She doesn't know she's a sociopath. She talks about how, unlike her lover, Clayton, she just can't kill without remorse; this is a total lie. She just happens to perform a slightly different calculus than Clayton when deciding whether or not to kill someone, and comes down on the 'not' side slightly more often.

However, since she values fitting in, and is aware that humans tend to frown on cold-blooded murder, she would like to not be a murderer. Which is why she hesitates to kill.

Okay, the book doesn't actually say that, but that's my reading, and I stand by it.

In this book, Elena is wolfnapped by your standard cadre of unhinged scientists and crazy billionaires, and manages to rescue herself in trying circumstances. Warning for threats of sexual violence, and intermittent skeeziness. Also, this book is where the reader first meets Paige, who comes across as fairly annoying, which is awesome, although I think it may be why I never really like Armstrong's books where she is the protagonist.
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