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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
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Sep 22, 2007

it was amazing
Recommended for: everyone. in. the. world.
Read in September, 2007

Oakland Airport. Finished my last book...what more can I say?

Okay, well I feel like a real jackass because I was, honestly, feeling pretty stupid reading this, hence the disclaimer above. It's like when I took the cover off the Da Vinci Code so nobody would know I was really reading it...but, um, holy cow this book was amazing. I was truly never bored, never skipped a passage, hung on every word, loved every character. I cried, really and truly cried during some of the sadder parts (no spoilers--although it was interesting to find Afgans care about the endings of things and there's no such thing as a "spoiler.")
I knew nothing of this culture, which is probably sad, but I think I've taken great care to avoid it--I don't watch the news or anything, and I suppose it would be pretty absurd of me to think I've come to grips with the entire middle Eastern situation via a best seller (that's precisely why I hated people's thoughts on The Da Vinci Code--it made people who hadn't read a book in years suddenly want to talk about books, which should be a good thing but the book snob in me felt really offended by this, especially since there are other books, better books on the same subject matter--that book was really fun, I admit it, but seriously, it SUCKED all in all, let's be honest, it was sad to read, like if you had to hear some one with broken English recite The Lady of Shallot or something), but, I digress--anyway, it's just, for me, this was at least a bit enlightening (and I promise I'm not going to start soapboxing at coffee shops and thinking I'm an authority on Afgan culture now), and just...a fantastic read.
This was a flawless bit of story telling combined with a really helpful look into a culture that's very much in the public-eye and kind of reassuring, really human sort of approach to providing some insight into a culture I knew nothing about and didn't really intend to research. Now I know I will--this book was a stepping stone and at least got me interested and that's exactly why I love reading and books, because this is what education SHOULD be, you know? You get a taste and then you get running...KITE running....ha ha.
Okay, enough, but this book was amazing. I've never wanted to hug a child more than when I read this book. I NEED TO hug a child.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Very nice review, even with The DaVinci Code digression which was also good! :-D

Anyway, my own inner book snob hesitates to read best sellers because if a zillion people love it, there must be something wrong with it. It's nice to hear that sometimes those zillion people get it right. I'll be putting The Kite Runner on my to-read list.

Minhazul Hoque The begigning of the book or liek the first 3 pages were boring. I was ready to give up the book. Until I found how cruel soldiers of Afghanisan were like. Amir's mother was raped by some Afghan soldiers and while the soldiers toldy Amir about this, tears dropped from his eyes and he couldn't take it anymore. He was only a little child and he had to go through so much.

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