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Blood Trail by Tanya Huff
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Jul 15, 09

Read in July, 2009

Blood Trail starts a few months after Blood Price ends. Vicki and Henry have been seeing each other, seemingly romantically. Vicki’s vision has gotten worse. Mike Celluci is still suspicious of Henry and has begun his own investigation into Henry’s past. Otherwise, they’ve been living relatively calm lives in Toronto.

Henry receives a visit from the children of an old friend who own a sheep farm in London, Ontario. They’re werewolves and two members of their pack have been killed. Naturally, going to the police is not an option; their relatives were killed in fur-form. They want to hire Vicki to find out who is killing them so they can both stop the killings and dispense justice.

The werewolves in this universe are a bit like the werewolves in MaryJanice Davidson’s ‘Queen Betsy’ universe. You’re either born a werewolf or you’re not, biting doesn’t matter. The way the werewolf packs functions is closer to how wolves function (i.e. only the dominant (or alpha) female breeds).

The investigation is difficult since Vicki is not only in an unfamiliar place, she’s also working in an unfamiliar culture with only Henry to help her, though Mike decides to go find her and ends up being a big help. Mike gets the shook up as well when he learns about the paranormal in the world. After a long bought of cursing in Italian, he actually takes it pretty well.

There’s a little more angst in this book since Vicki, a former cop is a big believer in the system and in right and wrong, she wants justice served through the laws of the land. She is torn since she knows that justice for the killer would be impossible to find in the courts of man without serving up the werewolves on a platter.

While I like the stories being told, I’m not fond of Tanya Huff’s tendency to reveal who the killer is about halfway through the book, rather than let the reader see how our protagonists figure it out.

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