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Baby Proof by Emily Giffin
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Oct 19, 07

bookshelves: chicklit
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Read in February, 2007

I have mixed feelings about this book.

I had picked this up as the third novel by Ms. Giffin, having already read her first two ( Something Borrowed, Something Blue). All the characters in her books seem to be somewhat interrelated, and the back cover looked interesting, especially since I, like the heroine, am a thirty-something woman exceedingly tired of being asked when I will have children. Like Katherine Hepburn, I suspect I am just far too selfish to make a decent mother, and I think it should reflect WELL on me that I know this and don't have kids, not POORLY on me that I am actualized enough to realise this before they were born.

I was very happy with the beginning of the book. Boy and Girl Meet, Boy and Girl Don't Want Kids, Boy and Girl Get Married, Have Lovely No Kid Life. I was thrilled to finally have a literary heroine. But then, for me, the book took a disappointing turn.

*Spoiler Alert*

I realise in real life that many times people make the decision that the love of their life is more important, or that some women do decide later that they want children. But for those of us who purchased the book thrilled that a woman was finally taking a stand and saying "I don't want kids and I refuse to make excuses or be embarrassed by it", it was a great disappointment at the end of the book that she took her husband back and seemed to be waffling on the baby issue. There are some things I don't think one SHOULD compromise on, and for once I would really like to have seen the heroine take the hardline stance, whether she got the husband back or not.

Since one of the fundamental reasons I purchased the book was defeated through an overly cautious plot choice by the author, I need to knock stars off (you can't do half stars, this would be 3.5). However, the writing is up to Giffin's normal standards, and it's a fast, easy, engaging read.
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message 1: by Helena (new)

Helena "Like Katherine Hepburn, I suspect I am just far too selfish to make a decent mother, and I think it should reflect WELL on me that I know this and don't have kids"

Sure thing.
Is there anyone more selfish than a woman, who realizes that she cannot properly love her child, but makes one (or more) anyway, just to be "normal"?

Casey I loved and hated this book because I don't consider kids a deal breaker for an established marriage. If both parties have opposite views BEFORE they marry, then perhaps they should not. However, both Ben and Claudia didn't want kids from the get go. I was appalled that they allowed their stubbornness and pride get in the way of a great and satisfying relationship. I think the ending was left open to point that out. They got back together but it didn't end with her pregnant. They got back together and decided to take whatever comes their way.

Kari I think Claudia waffling over the baby issue in the end was very much real life. I have seen people, men and women, do things that they promised they'd never do for love. Also, I think the divorce in the beginning was extremely abrupt. Had the initially talked about it in detail, they would have probably not have broken up (and Emily wouldn't have had a story to write :-P ).

Felicia Your review exactly sums up how I felt about the book. I had given the book 5 stars in my head until it got to the point where she started waffling. I though there would finally be a book where the woman didn't end up wanting kids. I actually started getting angry as the book progressed when I though she was going to go to Ben and say she would have a baby. Granted she could still do that, but at least the author left it open ended which is what saved it. One thing that really got to me was when Ethan said "you'd do anything to get your soul mate back, right?" Well it works both ways. If she was Ben's soul mate, then he should be willing to do anything to get her back (i.e. not have a baby). Why does she have to be the one to give up what she wants? Thank you Jennifer for putting into words exactly what I thought.

Sandy Affer I agree this book is a dud, but for different reasons. Oil think it is noble that the heroine was willing to do whatever it takes, icluding sharing a child with the man whom she calls her "soulmate" repeatedly throughout this story. My problem came in when she was ok having a fling with some random guy from her office, having self-described " wild sex" with him. All the while supposedly pining away for her poor husband?? Give me a break. Not to
Mention the book drones on and on about this for 340 pages of dullness.

Kate I totally agree with you. Children should not be a compromise. And that's just what Claudia did. In the book Where We Belong, it says her and Ben have a 3 year old daughter. Augh!

Jenny Howse I just realized all the books or most of her books are connected and began reading the books backwards and then the light came on when I realized the characters now each now I am more excited then ever to keep reading!

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