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Lamb by Christopher Moore
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Nov 11, 08

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Recommended for: Those who are not offended easily
Read in November, 2008

There is something so blasphemous about this book and yet I just laughed from page 1 to the end!

I was raised in a Christian household and knew the story of Jesus forwards and backwards. Or at least I thought I did. Now, I try not to take myself to seriously and I try to maintain a certain amount of humor about my faith and religion as a whole. This book made me bust a gut and there were several times when just a little of "pee" came out, that's how hard I was laughing.

I happened upon this book at a "going out of business sale" at my favorite Colorado Springs indy bookstore: The Chinook. After reading the back cover and learning that this is the story of Jesus as told by his best friend from childhood, Bif, I decided to buy and see what happens. From my knowledge of the Bible, I know that there is a gap in ages for Jesus -- we see him as a child and then we see him as a man of about age 30. "Lamb" fills in the gap by providing the reader with the adventures of Jesus and his best friend Bif, leading up to his the day he meets his 12 disciples and is crucified. The reader is introduced to a young Mary Magdalene, who is sweet and beautiful and very much the fantasy of young Bif. As Jesus and Bif journey through childhood and puberty, on their way to Jesus' destiny, they travel the world and meet various people.

This is a fun imagining of the years of Jesus' life that are not mentioned in the Bible. The author has managed to maintain the divinity of Jesus but has also made him a not so typical human being with a divine future at hand. Bif is downright hilarious (and lewd and crude and way too horny) and makes a good foil to the goodness of young Jesus. It's good for a laugh!

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Recynd This is lurking in my stack...I think it'll be the one I pick up next (that'd be tonight)...

Tara Well, I hope you like it. I actually ended up contacting my religion professor from college and telling him to check out this book and see if he liked it. He said he really got a good laugh out of and it's an interesting take on what happens to Jesus in those "inbetween years". He taught my Life of Jesus class, which was a really fascinating class and this professor has been involved in a lot of theological discussions with the Lutheran colleges. Let me know what you think of it.

Bonnie I liked the book a great deal also. I, too, had to keep in the general vicinity of the restroom when I indulged. And one great thing, the author seems to be a very nice, down to earth guy. I emailed him after reading and he emailed me right back. I thought that was nice of him.


Recynd For me, authors tweak that peculiar soul-spot that's generally reserved (for other people, that is) for movie stars. Once in a while I'm moved to hunt an author down and send a "love letter" (fan mail); whenever I hear back, I cherish the response...but have a difficult time finding someone who shares my reverence for authors, and so I have to revel in solitude. Now I know where to run when the response comes!

I'm about 1/3 of the way through "Lamb" and I ADORE it! It's so smart and funny; not blasphemous at all! My knowledge of all things Biblical is sorely lacking; whether all the details in the book are precise or not, so far it has really helped me to "imaginate" (just made that jewel up) the time and place, and makes the people involved so much easier to relate to.

This book is a gem...the author has an uncommon gift, don't you think?

Bonnie Yes I do think he's great. Have you read any other books by him? I've read The Lust Lizard of (forgot the rest of the title), but it was great. I alos have "You Suck."

Now, if you like him, you'll love a book called "Whale Season" by my friend, NM Kelby. It is pretty hysterical. They are going to make a movie of it if the writers ever come off strike.


Recynd "Lamb" is the first of Moore's books I've read, but you better believe it won't be the last!! I've also made a note of "Whale Season" and will look for that, as well.

Isn't reading a GIFT??!!

Bonnie It is in my top 5 -- don't ask what the other 4 are!!!

I tell people that besides life, my parents best gift to me was the love of reading. They were both prolific readers.

Tara I read The Lust Lizard, that was hilarious! I want to read more of his work. My friend was the one who introduced me to Moore and I definitely have a list going of books that I need to read by him. I think he is so clever.

Bonnie -- that's awesome that he wrote you back. I like it when author's contact you after you send them letters or emails. My mom had a really great meeting with a local author; she went to the bookstore because he was doing a signing and promoting his newest book. He asked her what she thought of the book and they ended up chatting a little then he asked her if she would be able to hang out until after the book signing because he wanted to talk to her more about the books. She said she ended up talking with him for about 2 hours about the books and what she loved about the development of the characters and he wrote down a bunch of ideas she gave him for things to do with his characters. He told her that if he uses any of her idea, he'll thank her in his acknowledgments at the end of the book. How awesome is that!?!

Anyway, I am so glad we all love Moore! Happy reading everyone!

Recynd My three memorable author exchanges are with (1) Mary Roach ("Stiff"), who responded so sweetly and quickly to gushy email; (2) Erica Lopez ("Flaming Iguanas", "Lap Dancing for Mommy"), whom I met at a reading she gave, and bestowed upon me her home phone number (!); and (3) Maury Terry ("The Ultimate Evil"), who called me in response to a letter I sent requesting an "interview" for a college paper I was writing on deviance (Terry is the foremost expert on the Son of Sam case)...but I choked, and is not really a shining moment for me...

No matter! And not to mention the authors I've had the fortune of meeting on Goodreads (Bonnie...)! What a lovely bunch of artists, at least the ones I've met so far...

Anyway, I'm halfway through "Lamb"; King, you REALLY need to take the plunge; you WON'T be sorry! It's a jewel, it truly is.

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