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On the Beach by Nevil Shute
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Aug 13, 09

bookshelves: apocalyptic-fiction, fiction
Read in August, 2009

Isn't is always a good sign when you finish reading an apocalyptic novel, close the cover, stretch your arms and back, and peek out the window to make sure the world is still there?

On The Beach is a different take on the end of the world. Different - because all the characters know what is going to happen to them, and they have to just sit and wait for it.

Taking place "Down Under", we follow Peter and Mary and Moira and Dwight and John through their regular daily routines as they discuss the updates over the radio on the newest reports of radiation sickness, and try to come to terms with the fact that the cloud of dust is on it's way. Just a matter of when.

As I read through the book, I remember thinking to myself, what would I do in their situation? Would I continue to work and live life as though it wasn't coming? No. Would I pretend everything was ok and talk as though life was going to go on for me forever? No. But what WOULD I do???

Excellent look at what people go through as a society and individually when faced with such a horrible situation. I found it kind of funny that America was one of the first to go :)
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Lisa Vegan Lori, I love this book. The last time I read it was quite a long time ago. I hope that it still holds up and doesn't seem too dated.

Lori That's what I think I am most afraid of. The whole "dated" thing... We shall see. I hope to start it tonite.

Lisa Vegan I'll be very interested in what you think. It was already an alternative world. I suppose you could read it that way and as a period piece also. I hope that you enjoy it.

JSou Ooooh, I would love to hear how this is, it sounds really cool. I just love "classic" apocalyptic tales.

Lisa Vegan Jessica, I highly recommend it to you then.

JSou God, your review made me want to read this even more now! :)

Lisa Vegan Good review Lori. Jessica, definitely read it. I just love it and I have read it several times.

Lori, oh I want to talk about one or more things but do not want to give away any spoilers. Even slight ones.

Lori you can message me if you want to talk about the book....

Lisa Vegan Ok!!! Not super spoilers. In fact, there's some comments on my review that are borderline. I just remember reading this blind the first time and I think I enjoyed it more because I had no idea what to expect. Thanks Lori.

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