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The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson
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Jul 12, 2009

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If you've ever read Skinned By Robin Wasserman, you'll find that these two books are much too similar. (Notice that I read Skinned first, but The Adoration of Jenna Fox was published first). Here's why:

1. Both deals with the future.

2. In which case, you'll find that there's a lot of scientific advancements. Such as bio chips, cloning, and stuff like involves the terms "downloading" and "uploading" memory chips. And a lot of voice recognition devices.

3. The main characters (both are girls, by the way) have suffered through accidents. Car accidents, I believe, that burned their flesh beyond recognition.

4. At least one of the parents of the protagonists are doctors or somewhat involved with bio-engineering.

5. Number 4 becomes extremely helpful because once the daughter gets into an accident, the doctor parent can then "fix" his daughter by downloading and uploading memory chips into this new body that is supposed to be the new version of his daughter.

6. The new versions of the protagonists can then have a life expectancy of more than the average human. (I think Lia could live about forever if she kept updating her parts, but Jenna had about 250-300 years).

7. Once they "wake up", they try to lead a normal life by going to school. Except both happen to meet other "freaks" like themselves. Except in Jenna's case, society is way less accepting of her existence.

8. And they fall in love with a guy. Duh. What's a story without a love interest, right? You wouldn't think girls like them could lead a normal life (much less have a love life) but they do, in books.

I'm really not that interested in science fiction, but this was a good book that depicted new technologies and questioned ethics too. If you look from a parent's point of view, what they did wasn't wrong. But I am against the idea of people living too long. And I really do think all that genetic advancements are bad ideas. Is it really necessary to have a choice in what color eyes you want your unborn baby to have? It's unnecessary gene manipulation that I have a problem with, not everything else.

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