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Assassin's Quest by Robin Hobb
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Jan 12, 2015

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy
Read in July, 2009

For all my complaints about this trilogy, it speaks volumes that I read all three fat paperbacks in less than two weeks. The narrative is riveting, even in this last book which has long sections where people are mostly walking. Not all of the characterizations were successful, but I don't often feel as much of a connection with a protagonist as I did to Fitz.

I'm slightly dissatisfied with the overall scope of the story, but I really enjoyed the details the author includes, details that may very well annoy other readers. They make Fitz's personal experiences extremely realistic, in contrast to the vagueness of the larger picture.

The characters are too segregated as good or evil for my taste. None of the good guys are tempted by the dark side, and none of the evil characters experience any doubt or guilt. (I had my eye on one ambiguous character, hoping for hidden depths that never materialized.) The motivations of the external bad guys, the Red Ship Raiders, are explained (view spoiler).

I thought the book was going to get sidetracked with this "Old Blood" business - when Fitz finds others with the same ability to bond with animals - but it didn't, and I'm glad. There wasn't enough foreshadowing for the (view spoiler) at the end, but it wasn't too jarring.
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07/19/2009 page 154
20.34% "I don't know if I like these "Old Blood" people..."
07/20/2009 page 440
58.12% "Living up to the title: a classic fantasy quest. Fritz walks. He gets captured, gets beat up, he escapes, and then he walks some more."
07/20/2009 page 494
65.26% "Dragon on the cover, yet no dragons in the books so far. Is she going to introduce dragons in the last 1/3 of the last book of the trilogy?"
07/22/2009 page 757
100.0% "She did, in fact, introduce dragons at the very end. But it turned out okay."
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message 1: by Jon (new)

Jon Jamie - Did you copy/paste more than you expected to into your review? Some of this seems off-topic.

Julie When you made the comment about the dragons I nearly said, "Yup," but decided not to spoil it. :D

I said there was a moment I found devastating. There were actually two. The first in the first book when he thought Nosy was killed, and the second in the last book regarding Little Ferret and his revenge.

Jamie Collins Jon - yes, I did, thanks for pointing that out!

Julie, those parts were very upsetting. I was really moved by Burrich's whole story, particularly when he realized that all the animals had been sent away from Buck, and at the end of book two when he visits Fritz in prison.

Jamie Collins I also seem to be having trouble spelling the name "Fitz". I really shouldn't type up reviews immediately before walking out the door at work.

(I've been watching the TV show The Closer which has a character named Fritz, probably that's why I keep typing it wrong.)

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