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A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar
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Jul 11, 2009

really liked it
Read in July, 2009

I just finished the book today, but it took me a while to read it. With personal issues and the like, it took me about a month to read this book. It is rather long, but still.

So I thought this book was quite good. Biographies are one of my favorite (probably second favorite) types of books, and usually I'll read about a famous dead person. I am in love with all fascinating people. But the first thing about this book that I liked is that the person is STILL ALIVE. That's right, I said it; in this world of boredeom, an astoinding lack of individualism, and anti-depressants, there's actually an interesting person still living. His name is John F. Nash Jr, and he's the man that this book is based off of.

By reading the jacket of the book you learn that John Nash was (is) a mathematical genius. He is arrogant, prideful, and always in the look for recoginiton. He climbs the ladder of the mathematical ladder of the world, but finds, at the top, Schizophrenia. This book is largely put into three categories: Pre-disorder, Disorder, and Recovery.

I was bored within the first 100 pages of the book. Like I said, he was a brilliant mathematician, even at an early age, so the first part of the book likes to talk a lot of math. And I, frankly, don't like math. So I'm not going to like the first part of the book, and if you don't like math, niether will you.

The second part, the Disorder, is why I picked up the book. In my psychology class we watched a movie based on this book, and I really liked it because it really emphasized the disease. But let me tell you now: If you've ever watched the movie, read the book. The movie tells a story of John seeing, like, 3 specific hallucinations throughout his life. That's not how it went at all. It was so much more complex with that....

But I'm rambiling. I loved the second part, and the third part was heart-warming. I very much enjoyed this book (most of it) and if it had been a book about, say, an English major I would say it was perfect.
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