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Illegal Affairs by Sheila Dansby Harvey
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Jul 09, 09

did not like it
bookshelves: interracial_love, romance

Something I randomly grabbed off the shelf after I saw a mention of a white college student falling unexpectedly in love with a black one.

That subplot turned out to be so minor that I wonder why the author bothered to put it in, since she couldn't do the characters any justice. Their romance, and the entire book, felt like the author was going through a checklist of plot points, with no feeling being put in to liven it up. In any case, the white guy was such a racist, I didn't feel like enjoying his story.

Of the remaining four main characters, two were high strung, vindictive, backstabbing, disgusting ho-bags, one was the perfect girl who is the star law student and yet still was a total doormat for her ho-baggish evil roommate and ho-baggish evil boyfriend, and the other was the perfect male with the requisite number of "flaws" that are there for window dressing.

It was a real pain to read, and not one of the major characters appealed to me.

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