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Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine
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Jul 09, 2009

really liked it
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** spoiler alert ** Warning: This also contains spoilers for Vicki Pettersson's City of Souls

In the beginning of the story Claire has a number of problems carried over from the end of the last book. Shane and his father are in jail, scheduled for eventual execution. Michael's been turned against his will to Bishop's side. Bishop still rules, Myrnin is still crazy, and Amelie is in exile. Eve hates her and most of the town thinks she's a traitor. Bishop has also managed to cast a spell on Claire to make her do his bidding. Fun times all around.

But wait, there's more (and worse). It's (relatively) easy to do Bishop's bidding when you literally don't have a choice. It's much harder when Bishop makes her choose between saving Shane's life and delivering what she assumes is a death warrant to one of her cop friends. She has to live with her choice for the rest of her life and acknowledge that she did Bishop's bidding through her own choice. I hope that continues to have psychological implications in later books.

Eventually she learns that although Myrnin isn't exactly sane, he's maybe not as crazy as she thought, either. She also learns that the portals are controlled by a vampire computer that Myrnin created 300 years ago. (Because why use electricity when you can use blood?) The computer is inhabited by the consciousness of one of his former assistants he accidentally killed.

As punishment for an attempt to break Shane out of jail, Bishop turns his father into a vampire, the thing he hates most. Later on Frank Collins attacks Claire, but is able to keep himself from doing any real damage. Instead he lets her go with the implication that he's going to kill himself. He shows up later in the book, though still in hiding, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

And Shane and Claire take the next step in their relationship, which is good. I know it's a YA book, but I figure anyone mature enough to read the books is mature enough to deal with sex. And not having sex after all this would seem both unrealistic and preachy. So good for them and Rachel Caine.

By the end of the book, Morganville has been restored, Bishop was defeated, and the vampires were all cured. There was, of course, a price, and I was sad to see Sam go but I figured Amelie was smart enough to hedge her bets. It's the dawn of a new era of vampire and human equality.

This book also felt like it could have been the end of the series, but it didn't bother me nearly as much as Vicki Pettersson's City of Souls. One reason is that it was a clean resolution. There's really no major questions left, no challenges or enemies to overcome. There will be new books in the series, but I imagine it will be a whole different arc. City of Souls, on the other hand, doesn't really end cleanly. There's still at least some mopping up to do but it doesn't seem like the main character in that book is even necessary for the rest of the story, whereas Claire is always at the center of events.

With Pettersson I know there's more to the story only because I know there are an additional two books in the series. With Caine I feel like this story has been told to completion and the next book will start a completely new story.

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