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Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy
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Jul 07, 2009

it was ok
Read in July, 2009

The premise of the book was hard for me to buy (a Soviet invasion of Europe for a good old fashioned brawl). It seems like it would be nuke city. In any case, Clancy puts together a tenuous rationale for avoiding the use of nukes, mainly so that he can wargame with the expensive ships, subs, planes and tanks that the military industrial complex had churned out by 1986. As a narrative of a hexagon-boarded wargame, it's a good book. He humanizes the Russians a little bit, but the Allies are all good folks at heart and so there's not a lot of character to the book as such. On the other hand, a shitl*ad of stuff gets blown up, so there you go. Was it worth wading through the kilopage or so? Naw. If you've ever wondered if we could have taken the Reds in a fantasy world with no nukes, this book is for you.

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