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Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey
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Jul 07, 09

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Read in July, 2009

One of my (many) obsessions. Five years ago this book told me I was an INTP, and I was skeptical. I did not think four letters could sum an entire personality. Little did I know...they could and did! (Sort of.) Then I found out that skepticism is a typical INTP trait. Keirsey is also an INTP! So is (probably definitely) Thomas Pynchon! I've probably taken at least 30 variants of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator since, and while the one provided in this book isn't the best, the profiles are top-notch. The clear, straightforward text fixed many of my misconceptions about the four personality temperaments. Now I can type anyone, anywhere, anytime! (Just kidding. Or not. Be warned: if you see me while I have this book I may accidentally-on-purpose steer the conversation toward types and not-so-subtly force the test on you. It doesn't mean I'm particularly interested in you as a person, in a creepy way that is; I'm merely trying to gather as much data as possible to test out the theory.) Apparently it is a bit NT-biased, but hey, as an NT, I really don't mind that. This book would have been even better had it included extensive overviews of Jung's cognitive functions and Enneagram theory, but then it would have been the size of a small dinosaur. I mean, dictionary.
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Gregory Day Hi Stephanie.
I am too am bit obsessive being an ENFP, with similar test results with the BFF OCEAN, Enneagram and even my birth chart. They all hang close together in describing the person I am.

I am also Bipolar I, and have researched fellow psychiatrist patients especially those with PTSD. Further I very much like the spinning girl for right / left brain preferences. I am also right brain dominant, which I think relates to my iNtuition. Have you see this very simple test.

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