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Safe House by Meg Cabot
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Jul 06, 09

** spoiler alert ** Meg Cabot is, sorta not really, a normal teenager. SHe got hit by lighting a while back... and now can tell exactly where someone is my seeing a picture of the person or having a possesion of theirs. However, it only comes to her in dreams. She is madly in love with 27 year old on probation Rob Wilkins. She told everyone her powers are gone, but no one believes her. Amber Mackey, a cheerleader ends up dead, and everyone blames Jess.

If you had been here, you could have found her, they say. Mark, the football team QB (also AMber's boyfriend), is main suspect. But Jess meets him a few times. He's cute, and he seems really upset. When Heather ends up missing, Jess must find her. They find her in a creepy building, unconcious but alive. After long digging, they find out it really is Mark. Amber was pregnant, and that would ruin his football carreer. Heather knew about it, so he tried to kill her too. Then Claire Lippman was found in his trunk, suffocating. Case closed. Now, she's just trying to get the FBI off her.

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Susy Rob is 18!

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