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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
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Arnold Spirit (Junior) lives on the Spokane Indian Reservation with his parents, his sister Mary Runs Away, and grandmother. His family, like everyone else on the rez, is poor, and his father is a drunk. However, at least his parents love him and try to take care of him - unlike his best friend Rowdy who is regularly beaten by his father. Junior has physical problems since he was born with hydrocephalus and too many teeth, but he's smart, he loves to draw, and he's a good shooter in basketball. When he starts high school, a teacher encourages him to get off the reservation and make his dreams come true, so he decides to enroll in an all-white school in a neighboring community. Not only does he endure the prejudice of his new school-mates, but many of his Indian community are angry with him for "deserting" them. Junior tells his story without holding back, giving raw insight into his reservation, his schools, social life as a high school student, tragedies in his family, etc. and simple observations about life as a teenage boy.

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