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Identical Strangers by Elyse Schein
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Mar 15, 2010

really liked it

This book is written by a set of identical twins who were unknowingly separated at birth and adopted to different families. WTF!? The scariest part of this is that it was probably done by a bunch of psychologist creeps in the name of nature vs. nurture research.
Although the twins don't find out about each other until their mid-thirties, they have uncanny similarities. For instance, they both studied film and wrote film reviews.
The book started to get really good about midway through when the twins investigate why they were separated and who their birth mother is.
This book is recommended for twins or people obsessed with twins, as there is tons of stats and tidbits all devoted to TWINS!

Some fun facts:

-All twins that are created through in vitro fertilization are fraternal! Only nature can create identical twins! (How 'bout that?)
-If a set of identical twins marry another set of identical twins, their children would genetically be siblings instead of cousins!
-"Twins have been seen on sonogram images in the womb kissing, punching, and embracing." (Are you serious?)
-"Fraternal twins are likely to be among the last-born children in the family." (True in my case!)

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