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Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen
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Jul 02, 2009

Read in July, 2009

If there is a thing that an author can do to displease me is to ruin my Happily Ever After... and so when I read Surrender Love's blurb, I thought, OMG Mrs Allen, what have you done? But since I'm a faithful reader and I remember that I liked the previous book, Wulf, I bought it anyway, and put it in my reading list... only to see it everytime I opened the reading folder to choose a book to read. The ebook was there and it was beckoning me... read me, read me, you know that you will like me... it was like a Mermaid's song, and I did my best to resist, and BTW the length of the book helped, since I always need a lot of courage to sit down and read a novel plus. Till today I was strong, but then I surrendered.

And Kayelle Allen didn't even make my surrender easy! Since not only Wulf and Luc have split after the HEA they had in that book I read, but it was not even a break-up due to an uncontrollable fate, like if Wulf is dead or something similar (look? I can accept if you ruin my HEA, but I'm ruthless if you do that!). No, Wulf and Luc were torn apart by the most common trouble, the inability to communicate. Luc thought that Wulf thought that Luc thought... and no one of them really knew what the other thought. At the beginning of the book, Wulf is running away with his new lover, Alitus, and Luc is mourning the loss... for an handful of days! Then he meets Izzorah, and his everlasting love for Wulf is all but forgotten, and he is hot on the trail of a new lover.

Now you would think that I'm a bit hard with Luc, he is not a bad guy, but probably he is too used to loose a lover that he has a calluses around his heart. Luc is a Sempervian, means that he is immortal, and everytime he starts a relationship with someone, he has always to take in account that his lover will age and die, and he will be near him for all the time. Maybe this time he suffered a bit more since Wulf didn't die, he simply left, and Luc feels betrayed, but maybe one of the reason for Wulf's behavior is that he has never really felt like Luc was totally involved with him. The reason why they split seems so stupid, that you really wonder if they were really good together, but I remember they were, at least in that first book. I haven't read the two books in the middle, and probably something happened in them, but one thing I know: in my old fashioned mind, all those sharing your lover with your friends (since you think he wants that) and turning your sex life in a complicated play scene, well, I don't think it helped at all.

Anyway, it's not use crying over spilt milk, and maybe someone else is interested in that milk... maybe a little nice kittie? Izzorah is a feline man from an aline planet which has commercial agreement with the Tarthian Empire. He is the drummer of a rock band and they have just signed a contract with Luc's business firm. Izzorah is all you can expected from a man with some feline traits, furry ears, some furry in other strategic places, no tail, but all purrs and little cute quirks. Plus Izzorah's planet is a matriarchal one, and he flew his hometown to avoid a forced marriage with a warrior woman: Izzorah is gay and he couldn't bear the idea to be a woman's lover. But Izzorah is not against the idea to be a warrior's lover, since he is a natural submissive... only that for Izzy, a total virgin, submission is a really simple thing: you find a man who takes care of you in all your needs, and in exchange you give yourself to him. For Izzy, submission is not a shadow dungeon or pain/pleasure games, it's more like be pampered and cuddled. And yes, I like very much Izzy, probably even more than Luc: Izzy is a total innocent character and you can't hold against him the guilt to be the "third" man, the one who splits the perfect couple, also since it was not him.

In the end I have two recommendations: if you are a reader like me arriving from the first book, well, probably after few pages you will manage to pass over your disappointment for the lost romance, and enjoy the new one, that probably has more chance to last since Luc has learned from the past; and instead if you haven't read the previous book, well, I will say that probably you can read directly this one, avoiding so the disillusion about the past romance, and fully enjoying the current one.

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