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The Maze Runner by James Dashner
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Jul 01, 2009

really liked it

A wonderful series' opener, a good way to sum up this book in a word is "intriguing." Everything about it reels you in, a tiny bit at a time.

The book begins with Thomas waking up in an unfamiliar, elevator-like box, with no concrete memory other than his name, lifted into a strange civilization called the Glade. The Glade is full of teenage boys, and to them Thomas is just another newcomer to the tiny world they've built in their mysterious surroundings. The reader learns things as Thomas does, which makes things more suspenseful. But pieces of the puzzle slowly start to fall together; the Glade sits at the center of something called the Maze, which none of the boys have ever been able to solve, despite endless tries. Bizarre and terrifying creatures called Grievers haunt the Maze at night. Everyone in the Glade goes about life as normally as they can.

But Thomas's arrival throws everything through a loop. He seems to remember the Glade from somewhere. He has an unexplainable, powerful desire to be a Runner, someone who works to solve the Maze. Some of the Gladers claim that they've seen him in terrible flashbacks to their previous lives. And just a day after his entry into the Glade, another person shows up...the first girl ever. And she's carrying a cryptic note claiming she's the last one.

The book twists and turns as the occupants of the Glade, including Thomas, struggle to uncover the mysteries of the Maze, slowly gathering piece by piece of information until a revelation of mind-blowing proportions is uncovered. The characters are not all deeply developed, but those that are will definitely grab your attention and make you feel for them. The idea behind it is original, frightening, interesting, and promises much, much more in the future. All in all, great worldbuilding and setup. Good thing this is only the first book (although the nasty cliffhanger will make you remember why series' are your friends/enemies), because it's obvious that even after the harrowing whirlwind of danger, death, loyalty, and emotion, this is truly only the beginning.
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Cara I know this gonna sound random (or maybe not...) but I saw this display at Barnes & Nobles and they had all these books that were best-selling in the young adult section and you know the regulars City of Bones, Hunger Games (no wonder these are bestselling:D) etc... and this book was on that list and it really caught my eye because it was the only book I hadn't read that were up. Tell me what you think about it when you're done.

Mitchel Broussard ahh now i cant wait to read this, another xmas book for me:)

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