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Finding Serenity by Jane Espenson
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Jul 30, 09

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Recommended for: Firefly fans
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"You take people, you put them on a journey, you give them peril, you find out who they realy are. If there´s any kind of fiction better than that, I don't know what it is."
Joss Whedon

The book is made for Firefly fans, who'll love it. It discusses topics within the Firefly universe, everything from the relationships of characters to feminism to why it was cancelled.

Jane Espenson
A good introduction from the editor and an interesting inside point-of-view for the show.

The Reward, the Details, the Devils, the Due
Larry Dixon
Dixon writtes about diffrent subjects surrounding Firefly, making it an excellent first essay. He focuses somewhat on the design and I learned new things reading this.

The Heirs of Sawney Beane
Lawrence Watt-Evans
Knowing what we all now know about the reavers from Serenity, this speculations about their origin loss some of it's greatness. It becomes more nostalgic for the days when the Firefly universe was wide open for speculation. It can also be noted that these speculations, false as they have been made, are good.

Asian Objects in Space
Leigh Adams Wright
This brings up an intersting issue about the Firefly universe, that for being a mix of US as Chine the Asian aspects are not equal. It's interseting that a tv show can give cause to such political debates.

The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Firefly
Glenn Yeffeth
"This is a joke. FOX executives, to the best of my knowledge, take onlu legal pharmaceuticals, make love (gently) to only their spouses and make all their programming decisions based on thoughtful analysis and intelligen consideration. Okey?"
Funny, and a great outlet for all your cancellation anger.

Who Killed Firefly?
Ginjrer Buchanan
A question about what when wrong (a so many of us have theories about). This essay theorieses that the cowboy/sci-fi genre was an to unpolular mixture. It takes a tour through the history of both cowboy and sci-fi on television, and explains why these are two difficult genres to cross. Gene Roddenberry gets his blame, as well.

"The Train Job" Didn't Do the Job
Keith R.A. DeCandido
Another theory of what went wrong. This one theorises that the pilot "The Train Job" just wasn't good enough, not attracting viewers and making the numbers bad enough to cancell the show before all these people that now love it had a chance to discovere it.

Serenity and Bobby McGee
Mercedes Lackey
An essay about freedom. It freedom seen through politics, personal freedom, illusions of freedom, what is truly freedom. One of my absolute favorites in this book.

Firefly vs. The Tick
Don Debrandt
Simply for the fun of it. A comparison of the tv shows Firefly and The Tick, it contains bad guys, translationdifficulties, the style of dialog, facial hair, "giant prehistoric lizards", Santa, defiance of the status quo and in conclusion, they're both bugs. I laugh at the jokes, but it's all about the jokes and nothing else, and it's not doing all that much for me.

We're All Just Floating in Space
Lyle Zynda
The episode "Objects In Space" series creator Joss Whedon takes from his philosophical wonderings, or to be more exact, existentialism. The author has a PhD in philosophy, and here he explains some of the history of exenstialism and the theories. Difficult as this is to crasp for me, but it just makes me want to read it again to give it another try. So diffrent from the usual fangirl musings, but excellent for a book like this.

More Than a Marriage of Convenience
Michelle Sagara West
Yay Zoe and Walsh. An insight into their marriage, theories about what Whedon was trying to show and the difficulties with this breaking the mold of the concentional tv marriage. But it's also an interisting insight into the two characters and a fond rememberance of some great moments between them. It gives though about marriage and defends Zoe and Walsh's marriage to the pessimists.

"Thanks for the reebactment, sir"
Tanya Huff

Whores and Goddesses
Joy Davidson

The Captain May Wear the Tight Pants, but it's the Gals Who Make Serenity Soar
Robert B. Taylor

I Want Your Sex
Nancy Holder

Just Shove Him in the Engine, or The Role of Chivalry in Joss Whedon's Firefly
John C. Wright
This essay pissed of Jane Espenson. Me too! It's wrong wrong wrong! It's amazing how wrong it is.

Mirror/Mirror: A Parody
Roxanne Logstret Conrad
Lighthearted, funny and trashes Star Trek. Excellent!

Star Truck
David Gerrold
It's about subtext and demonstration, scientific impossibilities and accepting them, backstories, exisentialism and questions about probabilities. Essentially everything that makes for an in-depth world.building, a believable world. It's good writting, but takes on so many different aspects that grabs my attention that the essay as a whole don't.

Chinese Words in the 'Verse
Kevin M. Sullivan
Translation of dialog, but the essay focuses mostly on all the diffrent languages that pop up in the show, spoken or written, its meaning, origin and theories of what it means to the show. It gives a diverse introduction to Chinese. It also explains all the ways it got mess up, without ever siming less than loving about it.

Listening to Firefly
Jennifer Goltz
I unfortunatly don't have a music mind, but reading this essay I wished I had. Never have I read music described like this before, makin it so alive. The soundtrack is brought forth as an extra dimension to the storytelling, and is very interesting. It makes me want to pay more attention to the soundtrack, like any good essay should do.

Kaylee Speaks: Jewel Staite on Firefly
Jewel Staite
So fun to hear from one of the actresses and behind the scene.

Unofficial Glossary of Firefly Chines
Kevin M. Sullivan
Not so fun to read, but next time I watch my boxset I will have the book open to this chapter.

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