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Only Love Is Real by Brian L. Weiss
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Jun 29, 09

bookshelves: spirituality-related
Read in March, 2009

This is a fascinating account of two people who experienced a past lifetime together. Each had recalled memories of the same scenario from that past lifetime, and were reunited through the psychologist who had been working with regressions for each person, on a separate basis.
Once I picked this up, I couldn't put it down. It was an amazing account without being too mushing or over-dramatic.

If you have any interest in past lives or hypnotherapy, I would recommend this!

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message 1: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Interesting...I've been looking at this question of reincarnation in critical theory and literature. I just got a paper accepted to a conference on Jean Gebser's Integral Consciousness at Hafstra University. My topic is the emergeance of the Altermodern in hybrid literature....and the more I explore this, the more I see new authors start to create narratives about themselves as an integration of total experience through space and time...ultimately suggesting that the individual is a composite of vast influences through the collective unconscious...or, one might say, even a series of individual lives all compounded into one expression. I am working with an author now on his memoir which suggests just is about how he gets flashes of specific past lives through his daily routine activities and how these cummulative flashes over time have influenced his thinking, career choice and lifestyle. For me it is not too important whether or not we actually are born into a sequence of bodies over time...but that we are hooked into a network of lives - past, present and future whenever we enter a certain kind of reflection... and that this IS the beginning of Integral Consciousness as Gebser proposes for us!

Kelly Hmmmm....I wonder if this would be a good book for you to read. The narrator is actually the psychologist who, through hypnosis of his patients, helps them to uncover a specific past life. The book chronicles these regressions--of two patients, specifically--who, as it turns out, are linked through a specific past life together, but also in the current life as they share the same psychologist.

It's an easy read; I finished it in day. It seems to touch on what you've described, but is more narrower in scope. I think it would be worth it for you to read, but just know that it's sort of on the fringes of what you're studying/writing about.

It does have some insights that are presented through the unfolding of the work with these patients, but certainly not an academic/theoretic read.

When's the conference? It sounds like a great one!

message 3: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Thanks Kelly. I'll check it out. I am interested in the questions asked. The conference is Oct 15 - 17 at Hafstra. You can find out more on the Jean Gebser Society website.

Kelly Cool, thanks! God luck, I hope you have a great time!
And congrats again!

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