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Ghost Radio by Leopoldo Gout
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Jun 28, 2009

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Craziness. A host of a ghost/horror true story call-in talk radio show starts having his own supernatural experiences. There are A LOT of things wrong with this book. First, the dialogue is beyond the pale, it's so clunky. That was possibly the most horrific part. Second, the author seems to take gothiness seriously, as in he believes that adult women who choose to wear goth clothing and make-up have an inherent intensity and edginess and I almost hesitate to say it, also coolness to their characters. I had no idea that people over the age of 15 felt this way, ever. And I say that as someone who spent a lot of time, money, and energy in my misspent youth cultivating a fabulous goth wardrobe in the hopes that people would think I was intense and edgy and cool, and of course the reality is much more in the realm of Goth Talk. Third, and I'm not exactly sure about this so perhaps people could correct me, it's hard to tell as a non-musical person myself, but I suspect it's usually a bad idea to try to write about a fictional band and to describe the music as radical and, well, again with the cool and edgy, and expect readers to take it at face value. On the plus side, it actually passed the page-turning test with flying colors -- even with all these problems it was easy to commit to the story. And while the creepy factor was a bit uneven, the parts that were successfully eerie were very twitchy indeed. I even liked how the author handled the ending. From reading the back of the book, I learned the author is also an author of graphic novels, and that makes a lot more sense to me. I could imagine the terrible dialogue working much better in a graphic novel form. Oh, another good point about about the creepiness is that each chapter is fronted by a very sinister little pen and ink drawing, and they enhanced the tone so much -- so yeah, graphic novel probably a better idea.

Grade: C
Recommended: Not unless you are some sort of crazy horror enthusiast who will read anything ... but I do think it's a good idea to remember this author's name because I think he can only improve and the good parts of this book were good enough to make me want to keep this guy on my radar.

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