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Perfect on Paper by Maria Murnane
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Jun 05, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: 2008
Read in November, 2008

The Basics
Book Info: Perfect on Paper: The (Mis)adventures of Waverly Bryson. I was sent a review copy of Murnane’s first book by the publisher.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Plot Overview: After Waverly’s fiance breaks up with her two weeks before her wedding, she’s left feeling alone, rejected and confused. Perfect on Paper is the story of how Waverly ends up finding her self-esteem, and changing her life for the better. On the way, we get a look at her dating adventures, her propensity for mishaps, and a little bit of the sports marketing world.

Jumping In
Importance of the Title: This refers to the men that look perfect on paper: perfect jobs, car, seemingly perfect life. Until you meet them, that is, and find out that there is one flaw that you just can’t get past.

Point-of-View/Style: Written in first person from Waverly’s point-of-view, this was a quick read, and hilarious fun. Murnane proves herself adept at dialogue and I had a hard time putting it down right from the beginning.

Themes: Throughout the book, we read about Waverly’s personal growth. She has poor self-esteem even before her fiance breaks up with her, and she never really felt that she deserved him anyway. Even later, she doesn’t feel that she deserves to find love in her life. In all of her relationships: with her friends, her father, and her dates, we get a glimpse into Waverly’s uncertainty of how she is perceived by others.

My Notes
Likes & Dislikes: I really liked this novel. I thought it was smart, funny, and well-written. It’s not often that you’re engaged in a book right from the beginning, and I appreciated that about Perfect on Paper. It’s got a great story and Waverly’s (mis)adventures keep you turning the page.

What questions I’m left with: I think, although I’m not certain that we may see Waverly again. The ending was clean, but I just get the feeling that there is more that happens to Waverly later on. I guess we’ll see!

What this book makes me think about: I’m also one of those people who first assumes people don’t like them, and I think most of us have a little bit of that in us. I was reminded that everyone has talents and gifts, and that even if we don’t see them, others do.


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