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The Soldiers of Halla by D.J. MacHale
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Jun 25, 2009

it was amazing
Recommended to Kevin by: I saw books 1-3 sitting on a shelf at a store and bought one and
Recommended for: Halla (That would basically mean everyone in case you were wondering)
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When I first began reading the last book in Pendragon series I was skeptical. For some reason all I could think about as I was reading at was the somewhat lame excuse for a plot twist the 8th book had been. However I had loved the nineth and pretty much the rest of them too so why should this one be bad. I don't know. But like I said I was skeptical.

In the very begining all the answers are revealed. My first reaction was why is he doing it all at the beginning of the book. But then I realized why. It's kind of, um, I'll say radical. It's kind of radical. It all links up and makes since but it's just...weird and takes some getting used to.

I am always weary about portails of heaven and liberties authors take in creating their own "view" of heaven and what life is all about even if it's just a story. I don't know I just don't like doing that. For instance one of the things I was deprately hoping with book 7 of Harry Potter was the J. K. Rowling would not venture into eternal relms and would stick to this life. I was afraid what she would do honestly but I was satisfied.

I don't want to reveal any plot details abou this book but I want to say at first I was turned off. My skepticism for the book shot through the roof when the "answers" were revealed because they naturally dealt with "life, the universe, and everything". I just didn't expect them to be so....spiritual. I expected to have some grand council or something that had governing power over the universe but I'll just say that was not the case.

But then it hit me. D. J. MacHale got some things right in a figurative since. Whether he knew he was doing it or not, I'm not sure and I didn't see it until I stopped for a moment and thought about it. I saw some eternal truths from the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his idea. Truths that the mainstream christian world does not belive or even really think about. That's why I think it was on accident. It was just an extreem reminder to me of The Light of Christ and how we are all guided by the Light of Christ toward the truth.

I wanted to pull some quotes to demonstrate this but I didn't want to give anything away. All I can say is if you like fantasy and you are not afraid to get into a ten book series then do it.

Another thing. Aparently this is a "children's book". I don't know where they got that but it's a bit violent...I never thought of it as a children's book. I think that maybe it was written so that it could fit children. Meaning everyonce in a while there were moments that I could tell were suppoesed to be dramatic but they weren't becuase I had already figured it out. I think it was becuase they books are geared to a younger audiance. But maybe I should give myself some credit, maybe I'm just smart. No..that's not it. Anyway. There were a couple of moments like that, not too many though.

The last think I want to say is that I cried. I cried more reading this book than I did with any of the Harry Potter books. There is just something about good-byes that have always been a huge weakness for me. When I was a little kid I cried when Pocahontas and John Smith said good-bye. I cried watching the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe when Aslan left. I cried when the fox and the hound had to split up. I'm not sure why I'm revealing this to everyone...but you get the point I think. So anyway. At the end of this book there was a big moment, you knew it was all about to end and everyone had to go. Where? You'll have to find out but I couldn't take it! It got worse and worse as each person left and there were 10 people!! Then..the last chapter...I don't want to give anything away but it was perfect. It is something I dream of for myself...and...I don't know it was just perfect. One of the characters in the book at one point made an off comment that there was no such thing as perfect and I think that's ironic with a such a perfect ending.
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Gregory Haney I completely agree with your review, I devoured this book in under 4 hours I couldn't put it down. I also received a "Christ-like" vibe while reading it, and for me that was a most welcome surprise and enjoyment.

Thank you for your quality review, it says nearly everything that was on my mind as well.

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