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Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole
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★★★★★ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Man-oh-man-oh-man-man! This one is so well narrated by Robert Petkoff. I hope he is doing them all. I placed him at the top of my Top Ten Audiobooks for 2011 with his delivery of A Hunger Like No Other. Looks like he is trying to win that slot again.

Robert Petkoff is wonderful at infusing life and emotions into Ms. Cole’s amazing characters. Oh, he is certainly Delicious with the Scottish accent. Not only that, he differentiates the member of the Lykae clan, all Scottish, so that you’re not confused when Bowen and Lachlain are in a conversation together. Nevertheless, one scene I just marveled at was when Mariketa was mimicking Bowen’s accent. Too funny! How did Mr. Petkoff manage that? LOL!

Mr. Petkoff also made Cadeon Woede, with a lovely English accent, sound yummy, too! I can NOT wait for that one (#6) to be released.

My heart always ached for Bowen MacRieve; having lost his mate over two centuries ago, in the previous installments of this wonderful paranormal series he pretty much didn’t care if he lived or died. However, with an opportunity to bring his intended mate back with a prize won in the Hie, he has a mission. Watch out for a Lykae on a mission!

Then he runs into Mariketa the Awaited – or Mari - a pretty little redheaded witch he is sure has been practicing magic on him, since he is wildly attracted to her. Bowen, believing she has toyed with him, enthralled him, does the unthinkable and traps Mari and a few other Hie competitors in a Guatemalan tomb with some swarming incubi! Eep!

But that is just the start of it. Mari really does put a spell on him just as he is making his exit, and what a spell it is. Oh the twists and turns in this one are great! Only Ms. Cole could write Bowen out of all the mistakes he makes.

The fourth in the Immortal After Dark series is one of my favorite. Love Bowen and Maiketa’s story! If you need a refresher on what happened in the past books, why not listen to it on audio? Pure fun!

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message 1: by Debbie (last edited Jun 09, 2012 08:29AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Debbie Love this series.

Lisa Kay Yes, really enjoying doing a "re-read" via audio, Debbie!

Debbie I don't care for audio books. I don't like to be read to. I'd rather read it myself.

Lisa Kay Oh, I think you'd like the sound of this guy's voice. Instant "O". **hee hee**

Debbie Sorry, but not happening.

Lupdilup Duffy Love the review Lisa! oh the magic of audiobooks :)

Lisa Kay Debbie wrote: "Sorry, but not happening."

That's okay, Debbie! ☺

Nissie I think you may have talked me into listening to it, Lisa Kay! :)

Brittany B. Oh I'm so glad you liked it... I did too! Why can't they release the audios more quickly? R. Petkoff is sensational.
Every book seems better than the last.

Very nice review.

Lisa Kay Thanks, Nissie! Oh, I hope you like it. RP is great!

Lisa Kay Yes, Brittany! Why can't they? I just want to say, "Faster, faster!" LOL!

Luisa I agree with you, if there's a book you love, redoing the book in audio, with a great narrator, is the best. I will certainly do this series in audio then, if the narrator is as great as you say. Have you listened to the Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning? The narrator in those is excellent also, brings the books to life with his wonderful voice.

Kelly Great review, Lisa Kay! I've only read up to book six in this series so far, but they're all very good. I love how you read books then do a re-read in audio!

Lisa Kay I've heard that, Luise. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the reminder.

message 15: by Lisa Kay (last edited Jun 10, 2012 03:02PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Kay Thanks, Kelly! I love to re-read books and, while I've always listened to the occasional audio, now I'm really getting into them.

message 16: by KatLynne (new) - added it

KatLynne I've heard so many great things about this series and hope I can start this summer!

Fantastic review Lisa Kay!

BTW...I have been trying to listen to my first audio book, Feehan's Street Game. The narrator is Tom Stechschulte. Unfortunately, I had to stop. I'm not sure if it is me or him, but we weren't getting along...LOL

Luisa Lisa, where did you get your audio books for this series? I get mine from Audible and they don't have the whole series.

Lisa Kay KatLynne wrote: "I'm not sure if it is me or him, but we weren't getting along...LOL"

LMBO! Yeah, KatLynne, not every narrator works for me either. Nor for every book. I just love
Rosalyn Landor - but I couldn't listen to her do Tempt Me at Twilight b/c she sounded nothing like Harry to me! LOL! I may give it another go, though.

Lisa Kay Luisa wrote: "Lisa, where did you get your audio books for this series? I get mine from Audible and they don't have the whole series."

Yes, that is where I get them, Luisa. However, they are just now going back in the series and releasing them one at a time.

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