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Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jun 25, 2009

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Read in June, 2009

** spoiler alert ** Laurell, Laurell, Laurell...

My feelings are so conflicted these days when it comes to her books. I bounce back and forth between praise as this was a good addition since Danse Macabre and disgust because this was a good addition after most of the ones that came before Danse Macabre.

It felt the closest to Obsidian Butterfly to me- which in addition to being the first Anita Blake book I read is also one of my favorites. It doesn't have the usual assortment of men in it, which is both good and bad. It allows Anita to stand on her own as a character for a while and this book proves that maybe she shouldn't.

Just as in previous/recent books when Laurell had to overuse the phrase 'that just plain does it for me' this book has Anita complaining over and over what a hassle it is to explain meta-physics to anyone who isn't other. Gee Laurell, I might not be a big author like you, but I can remember what I read 50 pages ago. The continuous repetition of thoughts and comments like that are bothersome and just fill space.

Two thumbs up to having a murder mystery especially since it is a continuation of one from a previous book, The Harlequin. The return of Edward, Olaf and even Bernardo was great as it added to the O.B. feel. Edward is always my favorite when he's around!

But seriously. Seriously. Having the bad guy take out Marmee Noir and then be so casually killed. It reeked as did Anita being 'forced' to perform sexual acts at the end as a game. Really? That was the best you could come up with?

I am good, great even, with going more than a year in between books if it means we can have more like Blue Moon, Obsidian Butterfly or Incubus Dreams. I'm calling zombie bullshit on her.

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