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Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card
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Dec 03, 13

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Read from September 08 to 12, 2009

September 2009
Previously: Xenocide

The fleet sent by Starways Congress to destroy the planet Lusitania is getting closer. Any day now. No, really, it'll be here soon, promise! The good news is: Jane, the intelligent supercomputer program, has figured out faster-than-light travel, so the evacuation of Lusitania's native and foreign species is ongoing. The bad news: Congress is trying to shut Jane down. The Lusitania Fleet is on its way (really!). Ender is divided into three bodies (by-product of some near-literal deus ex machina technowhatsit from the last book) and all three are slowly dying/fading away. The planet is going to (eventually!) blow up. And Miro's family won't stop bickering.

I swear, it's like one side effect of the descolada virus it to turn everyone infected into a pack of screeching harpies. Almost every scene with at least one member of Ender's surrogate family leads to an explosive emotional war of words, with Quara and Novinha the most guilty. It was tolerable the first time, just barely, but three whole books of this Broken Family of the Year bullshit? Completely unbearable. I can barely remember what else went on in this bloated epilogue to Xenocide, there were so many useless arguments.

There was something about the Descolada back in Xenocide, someone suggested it may have an off-planet origin and, therefore, a creator or creators. The planet is found and...nothing happens. As for the religious divisions among the pequeninos, with the fathertree Warmaker keen on spreading the virus to other human worlds...completely forgotten once faster-than-light travel happens and new planets are swiftly colonized. All other day-to-day activities between the races on Lusitania...ignored. Instead, everyone fights. What happened? What made Card think that the petty (and endlessly recycled) squabbles were more interesting than, well, goddamn everything else?

Gah. Dur. Enough already. I used to love Ender's Game, long before I picked up the rest of the series--and now it turns out the rest of the series is mostly awful. Very disappointing.

See also: Ender's Shadow
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