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Rapture of the Deep by L.A. Meyer
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Oct 12, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from February 26 to April 05, 2011

Considering my distaste with how long L.A. Meyer is dragging on about maintaining Jacky's virginity and her frustrating relationship with British Navy, I loved this book.

Jacky is finally reunited with her beloved Jaimy and they are nearly at the alter getting married, when Jacky is whisked away by the British Naval Intelligence to recover sunken Spanish gold. Supposedly, they are still angry that she didn't kill Napoleon when she had the chance, so her punishment is to abstain from sex until after their mission is complete. Lucky for Jacky, Jaimy is allowed to help with the mission, as 3rd Mate on the Dolphin, the ship that is supposed to accompany the Nancy B in their endeavor. And so begins the adventure. Jacky gets to reunite most of her brotherhood, add another female crewmember, see a slave auction, and run into a few of her previous suitors, the Spanish pirate Flaco and Captain Richard Allen.

There's really not much else to the story, but it was cute and we had more time with Jaimy. I am liking him a lot more and the boy has definitely grown up some. Still kinda bland though. I, myself, lust after Flaco or even Richard Allen, but Jaimy's still kinda cute.

Overall, its a good addition, but honestly, I just want it to end. No, not really end, but I no longer want Jacky drawn to be her still intact virginity. It has dragged on way too long and I would appreciate a nice satisfying finale. But considering that there are at least 2 books after this one, I doubt it.
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Reading Progress

02/26/2011 page 20
4.0% "Jacky, why are you not wed yet? Obviously, no matter how devoid of personality Jaimy is, you two are soulmates."
03/05/2011 page 50
11.0% "Here we go again. Why can't she at least marry Jaimy and lose her virginity? *bangs head in frustration" 2 comments
03/08/2011 page 60
13.0% "Btw, how old is Jacky? 15...16?" 3 comments
03/08/2011 page 79
17.0% "You gotta admit, Jaimy and his faithful letter writing to Jacky is a little absurd. At least he has finally acknowledge that he most likely will not meet his beloved."
03/10/2011 page 109
24.0% "Despite not having a personality in his letters, I still like the upright and honorable Jaimy Fletcher. At least he accepts Jacky wanton behavior."
03/12/2011 page 148
33.0% "Swimming lessons for Davy! How fun. Jacky and Davy have such a sibling relationship vibe that I'm not fearing for Jacky's virtue like I usually do."
03/17/2011 page 200
44.0% "Yay, another good-looking man of bad character. Now this is going somewhere." 1 comment
03/20/2011 page 275
61.0% "Yay, Jaimy's back. They are actually really cute together, I must admit. Too bad he has competition."
03/29/2011 page 288
63.0% "This underwater bell contraption, is kinda cool. A little crude and I'm sure bad things will happen, but I want to try."
04/01/2011 page 292
64.0% "You know when everything seems to be going well, shits going to go down soon."
04/02/2011 page 325
72.0% "Gold here, gold there, gold everywhere."
04/03/2011 page 338
74.0% "poor Flaco. I didn't expect this pirate to have lost his ship"
04/03/2011 page 358
79.0% "Why does she keep asking for trouble?"
04/05/2011 page 408
90.0% "Take that El Feo and Flashby. Poor Jacky, almost lost her innocence, again."
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Lydia Galmarini i have to agree with the is so true. maybe thats why i am so interested in this book...

Nisha I think the virginity issue is just a ploy to keep us reading. And if you read the next book, you'll find out that Jacky is thinking about waiting until marriage, even when Jaimy was conveniently with her.

Lydia Galmarini ohh...i have the next book and i cant wait to read it

message 4: by Nisha (last edited Oct 22, 2011 10:08AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nisha It's good. I really like it. I think you will too. Jacky is the best when she's at sea.

Lydia Galmarini i know.....she soon....weird but in a good way!

Nisha I like her being a daredevil, but not when she's being unnecessarily dumb and risky. She's less dumb like that in this book.

Lydia Galmarini cool now i cant wait to read it!

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