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The Longest Journey by E.M. Forster
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Jun 28, 09

bookshelves: fiction

"Over the door there hung a long photograph of a city with a waterways, which Agnes, who had never been to Venice, took to be Venice, but which people who had been to Stockholm knew to be Stockholm" (8).
" 'I wish I could talk to them as I talk to myself,' he thought. 'I'm not such an ass when I talk to myself'" (14).
"...in the remaining space the gardener had contrived a little lawn where one coul dsit concealed from the road by a fence, from the neighbour by a fence, from the house by a tree, and from the path by a bush" (38).
"People called him 'Podge' until they were dissuaded. Then they called him 'Stephen' or 'Mr. Wonham.' Then he said, 'You can call me "Podge" if you like'" (94).
"'Oh, poor, poor fellow!' said Mrs. Elliot with a remorse that was sincere, though her congratulations would not have been" (213).
"'They live together without love. They work without conviction. They seek money without requiring it. They die, and nothing wil have happened , either for themselves or for others.' It is a comment that the academic mind will often make when first confronted with the world" (226).
" 'I'm thirty and not what you call hasty, as I used to be, or thinking that nothing matters like the French'" (252-253).
"Being clever, they did not care for animals: one man had never seen a hedgehog" (259).
"For those who live on the fuddled borderland, who crawl home by the railings and maunder repentence in the morning, he had a biting contempt. A man must take his tumble and his headache" (260-261).
"Mr. Pembroke was speechless, and--such is human nature--he chiefly resented the allusion to the hot bottle; an unmanly luxury in which he never indulged; contenting himself with nightsocks" (307-308).
"Sweetpeas offered their fragrance, and with it there entered those more mysterious scents that come from no one flower or clod of earth, but from the bosom of evening" (308-309).

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message 1: by William (new)

William I like the second.

I wonder about the clever not liking animals and never seeing hedgehogs!

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