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Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione
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Jun 22, 2009

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2011 , read count: 2

Nothing better than to re-read one of your fav books. I must admit I loved it even more this 2nd time. What an amazing read. I remember I loved it the first time I read it but as it had been such a long time ago I wasn't sure why. Well, it was definitely nice to finally be able to remember and what a read to remember. I just can't believe I had not done this re-read sooner, men .... SO SO SO gooood.

Wraith will always be my favourite brother. While I loved Shade and adored Eidolon, Wraith will always have a place in my all-time-male-fav-characters' list. What an interesting and complex character. I always loved characters like him, which to those who don't really know them seem like morons who don't care for nobody but themselves. The reason for why I loved this characters is because there always an explanation for why they behave this way. For example in Wraith's case we see how even though he was torture his whole childhood and he had no one to care for him, he was able to care for his brothers and to do some good in the world. Yeah, his behaviour may have been a bit odd but he did what he had to at the end. And This type of characters usually show the same type of passion at hating that at loving someone, and they end up being the best heroes for their heroines.

But more than an amazing hero this book has, with no doubt what so ever, the best plot. Not only do we keep reading about the amazing world building that we were introduced since book 1 but we get to read about demons and angels, with tons of other species, fighting together to prevent a higher evil. We get to see how evil is not always just evil and good is not always good. Things are never what they seem and we definitely see that in this book. While this amazing plot is developing, so much goes on, so many lives are at risk, that your emotions will just go crazy.

I swear so many things happen in this book that every now and then you'll just need to put the book down for a while to digest everything that is going on, but not much because you'll be dying to keep reading more. We also get introduced to some amazing new characters in this book. LI is constantly surprising us! You get to some parts where you think OMG, this just can't get any better but then a huge event happens and it does and you just can't believe you were surprised all over again. That's how good this series is.

I'm so happy I did this re-read and while at the beginning I though I would only read the first 3 books, I think now I will read them all, I just can't help it,LOL.
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Larissa Ione
“I'm not going to pass out—”

He cut her off with a kiss. “If you did, I'd catch you.”
Larissa Ione, Passion Unleashed

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Meredith Barrons I am going to start reading these next! If they are as good as BDB then I have to read them!

valee i really loved them. you should read them, they're awesome. Let me know when you finish them.

Heather Book Savvy Babe this book is the next demonica book I have to read….hopefully, I will get to it this month…..I have a serious backlog on my TO-READ shelf...

valee This series is amazing Heather, you'll love it!

Zany Rin I would agree Vale even though I love all the Sem brothers I must admit the Wraith is my fave along with my man Con!

valee It's just not possible not to love them ALL!

Zany Rin So very true.

Tracey Hi Lady Vale
Have you read Eternal Rider Yet? wanting a review from you hint hint :) I need to know if its a great as Demonica Series

Zany Rin I am reading it now and it is awesome ... I'm so loving this book! Wouldn't expect anything less from Ione!

valee I know ,she is such an amazing author. Enjoy RiN, it's an amazing series.

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