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Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs
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Aug 28, 2009

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Read in August, 2009

I like Anna although she doesn't have Mercy's edge. It is fun and interesting to see her struggle with and overcome her fears, quite inspiring. I enjoyed the exploration of the Omega and what it means, a concept quite original to this series.

Charles is the classic romance hero, strong, brave and true, a killer who's soft heart only his true love can see.

I enjoyed the introduction many paranormal characters, including more witches, the Fae, and vampires. There is very little background given for the Fae and none on vampires, so those who haven't read Brigg's Mercy series might be confused. But I think it works from the perspective of Anna, to whom all of this is new. People around her speak of these groups with authority and make assumptions that Anna would have had to accept and learn more later.

In fact, the first 3/4 of the book read as a paranormal romance more than urban fantasy. It was about them learning to deal with their pasts and what the changes their being together means for his job and their future together. If I had to read one more time that Charles feared that his love for Anna would throw off his work I might have screamed, but it was a good portrayal of some of the difficulties any couple faces when trying to get used to a serious commitment and still go on with their lives.

Meanwhile, 3/4 through the book suddenly became an action/adventure, with lots of chases, blood and fear. There were a few twists that I'd had suspicions about and a few that did surprise me. But then boom boom boom and it was over, way too abruptly. The sudden wrap was exacerbated for me because of the ebook, where without the paper format showing me that I was that close to the end, I was totally surprised when I read the last word. Stunned and a little let down, not a good feeling to leave a book with, but I'm trying not to let it influence how I feel about the whole book. It's because of the awkwardness of the flow of the tale that I had to give it 3 stars instead of 4, although the visualized characters and world could have earned a 4 from me if it had been a bit better executed.

But the first half is full of many very weird and abrupt transitions as well. It may be in part because I'm reading an ebook version and not seeing extra spaces between paragraphs, although there are occasional demarcations of major section breaks. It just switches perspectives frequently between one paragraph to the next, very jarring and confusing. Also, there are a lot of ebook typos, spaces in the middle of words and ransom hyphens. I seem to remember this problem with her other ebooks as well, which indicates something odd with the publication. It's an eReader format from Fictionwise.
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66.43% "Predictible but enjoyable. No where near as complex or compelling as her Mercy books."
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77.97% "Well that surprised me. Yay, I like surprises. Makes things much more interesting."

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message 1: by Werner (new)

Werner Catherine, I've never read a book entirely as an e-book (I've tried to look things up in a few of them at the library where I work), but it strikes me that some of the difficulties with the format that you mention belie the often-repeated claim e-book fans make that it's "just like reading a print book!" I love Internet sites like Goodreads, but for reading a book, give me the print format any day of the week! :-)

Cathy I'll tell you, Werner, I never, ever, ever thought I'd like ebooks. But I've really become a big fan. Although I hate reading on my computer, where even with a laptop it's impossible to curl up and relax, I quite like using my iPhone. I tried it out of curiosity after all of the press about the Kindle. I actually prefer the Stanza reader, which lets me choose the font and the size, as well as colors and background images. Now I get kind of annoyed when I get a book where the text is hard for my poor aging (almost 40-yr-old) eyes to see! It's also easier on my arthritic hands (not a joke, sadly). I've found the vast majority of the paid-for texts to be high quality with no or few errors. And the instant gratification of being able to buy the next book in a series when I finish the first at 2 a.m. is really satisfying. Plus just having a book handy all of the time without schlepping it around, like when I got stuck in line at Wal-mart for 20 minutes the other day.

What it isn't good for is flipping back to check something you can't quite remember, that can be quite annoying. Or writing notes, if you are that type; although some readers do allow you to annotate, it's not really the same. And most of all, for borrowing from the library, where I still get the vast majority of my reading. I'm looking forward to learning more about the new Sony reader that will work with the library Overdrive system. Something like that might actually get me to pay for a reader, instead of using the one that's already in my pocket.

That said, I can't imaging it will ever replace print for me entirely. Even with a limited income, I still find ways to buy new books by my favorite authors and would buy more if I could. I like holding them, seeing them, smelling them as they age... If it's a book I know I'll want to read more than once, I want print. But for quick reads, or the library thing if that works out, ebooks are surprisingly fine for me. Who knew?

message 3: by Werner (new)

Werner Well, Catherine, those are all valid thoughts, and I can understand where you're coming from. I'm happy for you that you're enjoying your iPhone this much!

JG (The Introverted Reader) I really disliked reading the one book I tried reading on my computer from Something just didn't feel right to me personally. But I'm thinking of buying an ipod touch soon, so what you said about your iphone makes me think I'll give books on there a try. Hopefully that will work for me, because I can definitely see how convenient that would be!

Cathy I hope you get the Touch and enjoy it, JG! I'm almost as surprised by how much I love the iPhone as I was about liking ebooks. I can go for days now without starting my computer, with so many thing so easy to do on the phone. I got mine when the original first dropped in price just because I needed a phone suddenly and had already started shopping for an iPod and digital camera. But now it's also my Email, Goodreads, to do list, grocery list, audio books, library book reservation shortcut and many other things tool. Sometimes life has happy surprises for us. I wish you many happy surprises, whatever you decide to get :)

JG (The Introverted Reader) My husband already has one, and I find myself stealing it all the time. He's not too much of a reader though, and I don't think I'll go as far as loading a book onto his, but I look forward to (hopefully) getting my own soon and giving it a try!

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