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Close Encounters by Katherine Allred
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Jul 28, 2009

it was ok
bookshelves: bad-science
Read in July, 2009

This is a pretty dumb book. It frequently gave me the desire to enrol the author in a remedial tenth-grade science course. But at least it's inoffensively dumb?

So, Kiera Smith is a GEP (genetically engineered person, I think.) But unlike other GEPs, whose genes are drawn from the human population, hers are drawn from GEPs!one1! Which means she has all sorts of abilities normal GEPs don't have: super strengh, and super speed, as well as limited telepathy and enhanced healing. [This space reserved for Venn diagram illustrating why this is stupid.:] Her job is to work for the Department Of Protecting Innocent Indigenous From Corporate Exploitation (not actual name.)

So, she gets sent to this planet to discover why the natives are not reproducing, and to save them from a company which wants to claim the planet when the natives die out. There, she discovers they are not merely natives, but Noble Savages(tm)! Noble, hot Savages, Aryan Ubermenschen, one of whom she accidentally marries. I don't know why she's so surprised by this, my extensive study of SGA fanfiction indicates this occurs in roughly half of all first contact situations.

So, yeah, telepathic giant cat companion, surprise!soulbond, she is the foreseen priestess who saves the natives (does it count as 'What These People Need is a Honkey' if the Natives are more honkey than she is?) and insulting bad science-babble. I don't mind if the science is all handwaving, but if you're going to handwave everything, please don't use science-words I know the actual meaning of.
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