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Papillon by Henri Charrière
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Sep 11, 2007

really liked it
Read in January, 2000

My mother knew Papillon and another one of the characters in the book (Francoise). He was a customer of my uncle's restaurant Il Padrino, in Venezuela, back in the 60's,70's (after this story was told). My brother was just an infant/toddler at this time and they would take turns throwing him in the air, swinging him, etc.. I told this guy Neil about this and he was shocked that my family knew this guy. He had read the book and loved it so much. So as a gift, he gave me a copy of the book.

This book was written in my uncle's other restaurant Il Pappagallo back in the day. What a great story!!!
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Ovidiu Sky Incredible story. I never met anyone that know Papilon.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

You should put up a photo of the restaurant.

Charlie Stanton What a small world , did you ever meet him ?

sorry for the very late response. Unfortunately I have never met them and my brother doesn't remember them, since he was very little.

Charlie Stanton So do you still live in South Amercia ? I have always wanted to visit there I bet it's wonderful at least that's what al the people I know who have been there say . Keep in touch


Anita Actually no, I only lived there a short while, from ages 1-3. But my uncle still lives there. It is okay. Caracas was nice but now it is pretty dangerous. It is very politically and economically unstable.
Take care.

Astrid Your review is pretty interesting! I really love this book...

Nixy Cortes Excelente comentario ..!:.. Lei el libro hace mas de 20 años y no ha dejado de gustarme. Tu descripcion de como pudo haber sido escrido , me parece excelente !... y de algun modo comunica lo exotico de la narracion de papillon. Gracias..!.

Dinakar I am in love with this book when I have read it... I gave up my sleep in order to finish it...
i have searched everything on the net about Papi..
believe me, I'm so obsessed with this book after reading it, that I have told the story and gave my reviews to many of friends who are least interested in reading... But all of them liked the story...
I love this book and after reading this book... I lived with Papi living my head for many days... even now he lives there...

I cannot express much more in words... the book and Papi are just awesome...

Charlie Stanton Dinakar wrote: "I am in love with this book when I have read it... I gave up my sleep in order to finish it...
i have searched everything on the net about Papi..
believe me, I'm so obsessed with this book after re..."

Charlie Stanton great book , know what you mean about this book. You should read the follow up Banco !!

Dinakar Thank you very much Charlie... I did not know about it until now...
I have bought it online and replying you...
thank you very much....

Dinakar I have finished reading it. It is a good read, but not as intriguing as Papillon. also, we can say the writing style is also sophisticated when compared to the earlier book.
Thanks for the lead, really enjoyed reading this one too...

message 14: by F.J. (new) - rated it 5 stars

F.J. Nanic That is amazing! I could read Papillon over and over again; it is a deeper and deeper experience each time...

message 15: by Monica (new)

Monica I'd first read Papillon when I was in college some 21 years ago. Loved it and count it as my fav inspirational book. I am reading it again and am in love with it all over again

message 16: by Nena (new) - rated it 3 stars

Nena wow! a great additional reason to read this book... When I was a kid my mom used to invite me to "el papagayo" and my dad to "il.padrino" :)

Anita Hi everyone. Sorry for this late response. Don't come on too often. Thank you for all your wonderful comments. I read all your comments to my mother. She says they were very nice men.

Stella, are you from Caracas?

Anita I was little for il Papagallo, so don't remember it. I loved il Padrino. It was a beautiful restauarant with many good memories. After these closed, my uncle opened L'Operetta. Unfortunately it closed. He has Spizzico now, for many years.

message 19: by Mike (new) - added it

Mike Davis we can count Papillion as199% true then?

Manuel Ruiz etheir true or not is an excellent story there a few papillon the first one claim was Rene belboit its is very similar he wrote dry guillotine

Manuel Ruiz Anita you so lucky eres muy suertuda te felicito por haber estado con Henry Charrierre aun niña te cautivo su espiritu de sobrevivencia

Manuel Ruiz entra en el club de papillon en Facebook

message 23: by Lalit (new)

Lalit Chaudhary Write a comment...anita like a movie...ur comment is also very very interesting... thnks for posting it....

message 24: by A (new) - rated it 4 stars

A G I picked up this book when I came looking for a job in a Middle Eastern country after trying to pick up the pieces of my life at 30. For the first time what it means to be a free human being dawned on me when I had to exchange it for taking up a twentieth century slave's life. Henri's tireless attempts at escape, his trials, determination, endurance, persistence, courage and the indomitable will to overcome all odds inspired me in my search for true freedom from oppression, harassment, injustice and indignity. No other book spurred me onward as Papillon.

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