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Liege-Killer by Christopher Hinz
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Jun 21, 2009

it was amazing
Read in January, 2012

Liege Killer
By Christopher Hinz

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Published In: New York, NY
Date: 1987
Pgs: 458

200 years ago, an apocalypse swept across Earth. Man escaped to orbital colonies leaving the madness behind. The Paratwa, the deadly assassin genetic twins, were extinct. Man lived in harmony on the edge of space scattered among hundreds of colonial cylinders. But…something has awakened. A piece of the past has come back. The body count is rising. Can the civilized future man embrace what comes to their aid?

Science fiction, murder mystery, alternate history, suspense, action

Main Character:

Favorite Character:
Gillian…because he is pure awesome.

Least Favorite Character:
Paula Marth. Mainly because there are places where her character doesn’t ring true. Especially when she finally has had enough of spoiled brat Jerem and delivers an attention getter. Only to spend the rest of the books thinkcasting at us about how bad she feels because she disciplined her unruly child. I get that she would feel that way. But it is a boat anchor whenever she appeared in a scene.

Favorite Scene:
The Cohe wand fights. It’s a set of visuals that would make for an awesome motion picture. Imagine a black energy lightsaber that acts like a combination whip/scythe Green Lantern ring. It’s a great weapon.

Plot Holes/Out of Character:
None that leap out at me.

Last Page Sound:
Satisfied sigh.

Author Assessment:
I would love to read more Christopher Hinz

Disposition of Book:
This has been on my re-read pile since 1987. I’ve read it at least three times. And it is staying on my re-read pile. Awesome book.

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