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Jul 08, 11

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Read in October, 2009

I must be honest and say that I only read up to page 201.
In my opinion this book is written by a transexual. I have friends that are strippers that don't go through all the make-up, shaving, and deodorant that this person does.
Maybe I would have enjoyed the book more if the author was honest and said that they were a transexual call girl, but I just can't get into a book where I feel like the author is lieing about who they actually are.
There was also a story about her masturbating that sortive gave it away. I wont get into the details...
I also found out that this author is going to write a third book about their life as a call girl but it is going to be completely fictional. Well in my opinion this whole thing is fictional.
I will be removing this authors second book from wish list as well...
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Jane Stubbs wtf? There's a huge difference between preparing to be paid to be looked at in a dark room with flattering lights, and preparing to be paid to be fucked. Hint: one of them requires more thorough preparation than the other. And what's with the weird transphobia? She's not transgendered, and it's odd that you would jump to that conclusion.

I mean, I think the book pretty much sucks, but it's not because she's "lieing" (lying) about who she is.

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* don't like my review, not my problem. So I didn't spell "lying" right, take me to court.

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* As for the transphobia, not true. I have many transgendered friends. Go bother someone who feels like arguing.

message 4: by Max (last edited May 01, 2012 07:45AM) (new)

Max Haha...The author of the book just came out. She's a woman and she has an impressive Phd. (Suck on that!)A lot of people were skeptical because this book was to well-written for a hooker. I guess Magnati(*)really blew on what people thought of sex workers (dumb, slutty, worthless). It is to be noted, she does say her experience is about high-end prostitution and there are all levels of hooking.

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* I don't really care...I don't like her book, and I never said for a fact she's a man. Go suck on something your damn self, and get a life while doing it. I love reading about whores, and I never said they were less than human. Don't like my review, that's fine, move along.

YoungRapunzel Ew@your second sentence. Is it really necessary to make transphobic comments like this just because you don't like the book or the author?

message 7: by *•.♥.•*Sabrina (last edited Aug 01, 2012 11:25AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* That is not a transphobic comment, the commenter said, "suck on that", so I said, "go suck on something your damn self". Stop looking for an arguement, seriously it's lame. I'm sure I'm friends with more transgendered people than all of you combined. You have no clue who am I, and definitely have no clue how I personally feel about things.

YoungRapunzel You said in your review: "In my opinion this book is written by a transexual. "

This is transphobic. It doesn't matter if you have trans* friends, if you're an amazing person, if you've dedicated your life to stomping out bigotry, etc. It doesn't matter if you are actually a transphobe or not. That comment is still transphobic.

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* I said that to bring up a point, the point being that I felt the author was in fact transexual, and I would have appriciated it if she would have been honest as it would have made me enjoy the story much more. My transexual friends don't have a problem with my review, and they understand my point. I can't help it if you don't like my wording. I'm not the type to dance around something, I stick to the point.

*•.♥.•*Sabrina Rutter*•.♥.•* Point, haha, I said it enoug didn't I!
Look, luckily I live in a country where I'm able to express my views in my own words. Is everyone going to like it, no, and that's fine. I'm not going to have some lame arguement online over something I chose to say.

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