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The Dark Tower by Stephen King
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Sep 12, 2007

did not like it
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It's not just the non-ending. Its the way he spends two books essentially stripping the series of everything good about it and replacing it with trite, poorly done, nudge nudge wink wink garbage.

I waited years to find out how this would all end and to get a hastily done, sloppily written, poorly thought out book, capped with a lecture on how endings suck, swiftly followed by a non-ending is in a lot of ways insulting. I understand King didn't have a lot of desire to finish the series and was tired of people bugging him about it. But this book and the previous one feel very much like King giving his readership the old one finger salute.

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Vicki G That's what I'd call it. It's the reason I've never read anything else he's ever written.
He thinks he's funny to compare the falling of the Twin Towers to watching a baseball game.
Well I guess he never wondered if he might have 2 fans (now one) who saw their Partner/Dad dying while the towers were falling.
Yeah. He's really funny.

Alexander Sprague Your comment makes me feel as if you didn't understand in the least bit what he was trying to show. The fact that these people can get off on watching these disasters is to show how bad they are, it wasn't some cheap gag about how SK finds your losses funny.

Flagg on the otherhand finds it humorous.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you Alexander. It consistently boggles my mind the trouble people have in separating the author from his characters.

message 4: by Mike (new)

Mike Agreed this was just a malicious review by someone who obviously didn't understand the book, or didn't have the imagination to enjoy it

Gustavo Lanzas I loved every book in the series and considered it Kings Crowning Achievement... but the last two books were distressingly bad, and the ending... what a disappointment. I absolutely felt betrayed after reading it. 100% with Jake.

Lisa Siderman You nailed it

Vicki G If you have Twitter and follow him there he finally said something that shed a bright light on the ending.
He said something about ka being a wheel that comes back to the same place but has different experiences on subsequent journeys. Well, it made more sense than what I tried to deduce from it. It reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day though; I hated that movie because they DIDN'T have new experiences in the repeating day, it was boringly the same every day that he woke up and it was Groundhog Day again. I thought I was going to go insane and tear out all my hair by the time the ending for Groundhog Day arrived.

Lisa Siderman deleted user wrote: "Thank you Alexander. It consistently boggles my mind the trouble people have in separating the author from his characters."

hahaha - in a book where SK inserts himself for no reason.

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