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The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett
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Nov 22, 07

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Read in November, 2007

I have to take breaks between reading Terry Pratchett books. My friend summed it up the best, I think, when he asked “Do you ever get the feeling that Terry is sitting in a room, writing and laughing to himself?” Yes, I do get that feeling. It’s kind of like one of those long-running jokes between friends that’s really funny when you forget about it for awhile then bring it up at a dinner sometime. But if you keep harping on it without giving it a break, it just loses the humor it once had. For this reason, I only allow myself one or two Terry Pratchett novels per month, and only one of them can be a Ringworld book.

I found The Color of Magic in a discount bookstore when I was looking for something to read during lunch at the mall (it was a marathon shopping day. What?). Anyhow, I was a little Pratchett-ed out, but given this was the very first Ringworld book ever, I thought I’d break my two-book-per-month rule and pick this up. Was I ever right! I love delving into the earlier works when I know the world when it’s more fleshed out. It’s interesting to see what the author started out with and see where it goes. Fun!

This is our very first introduction to Ringworld, and the beginning of a trilogy (I believe) featuring a failed wizard. This actually follows most Ringworld plots, with the whackiness, interesting characters, and strange happenings all in tact.

The book was enjoyable, probably due to its novelty as the first. It also was recognizable as a template for later works, but wasn’t the clone some of the other books became. I over all enjoyed it. It was a fast, simple read that is a great introduction to the never-ending series that is Ringworld.
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nobody discworld, dude. ringworld was by niven and one of the things pratchett parodies

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